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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-24
Food and cosmetics in quality control key spike will close 525 enterprise < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:26:21 < / p> southern daily wenzhou there are food, cosmetics, glasses and for manufacturing enterprises, 2305, 525 of them will be shut down! In the rest of the enterprise has 1639 need improvement. This series of Numbers is the author yesterday ( On April 28) We have heard from wenzhou city bureau of quality and technical supervision. Wenzhou will monitor food, cosmetics, glasses, and for the 'four big industry' production enterprise of quality management as a priority. Through careful MoZha, basic grasp and established the wenzhou city 'four big industry' production enterprise basic information database, for classified guidance and dynamic regulation laid a solid foundation. According to statistics, '' four industry in wenzhou manufacturing enterprises, a total of 2305, including 1212 food enterprises 357, glasses, cosmetics enterprise, 481, 255 for enterprises. City pledges inspect bureau of quality supervision management department chief Dai Kun peak revealed that 2305 'four big industry' production enterprises, 525 companies need to shut down! Is reported that this 525 companies for full of 'five kinds of food production enterprises, in accordance with the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and' five kinds of food production enterprises 'the principle of' first town after the country ', at present all need to be closed to the urban areas of wenzhou 'five kinds of food production enterprises have been closed down, the rest distributed in rural areas. Next, the city pledges inspect bureau will be coordinated with, health and other departments for industry and commerce, wind down the city's rural need to close the 'five kinds of food production enterprises. The rest of the 1780 companies, 14 1 don't need a rectification, there were 1639 and need improvement. It is understood that at present there are 159 nine completed rectification, the rectification effeciency of 97. 6%. It is understood that in 2003, food, cosmetics, drinking water, equipped with glasses spot-check qualified rate reached 90%, and 95, respectively. 5%, 87. 6%, 88. Improve the 13, respectively, 6%, more than 2002. 5%, 7. 2%, 7. 4% and 18. 3%.
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