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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-26
Drug administration organizational reform food and cosmetics and health safety included in the regulatory < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:23:43 < / p> < p> YanJiangYing, spokesman for the state food and drug administration today announced that approved by the State Council, the council will be comprehensive coordination of food safety, to investigate and punish major food safety accident responsibility for national ministry of health; At the same time, the ministry of health is responsible for the food hygiene license, food and beverage industry, such as consumer food safety regulation, health food, cosmetics and health supervision and management of duty to delimit the bureau; At present the transition has already begun. < / P> < P> YanJiangYing here at a regular news conference, said the agency function after the adjustment scope of work includes: medicine, medical equipment, cosmetics and consumer food safety supervision and management of policy, planning and supervise the implementation; Participating in drafting relevant laws, regulations and department rules and regulations; Responsible for consumer food hygiene license and food safety supervision and management; Consumer food safety management rules and conduct safety status investigation and monitoring, release information related to the consumer food safety regulation. < / P> < P> at the same time responsible for pharmaceutical, medical device registration, supervision and administration, to formulate the national drugs, medical devices standards, organization to carry out the adverse drug reactions and adverse medical device event monitoring, responsible for drugs, medical devices and then evaluation and selection; Participate in national list of essential medicines, cooperate with related departments to implement national system for basic drugs, organize the implementation of prescription and non-prescription drugs classification management system. < / P> < P> in addition, will also be responsible for the formulation of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the national drug supervision and management of the specification, draw up traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), national medicine quality standard, organize to set up Chinese herbal medicine production quality management standard, and implement the protection of TCM variety; Supervision and management of radioactive drugs, narcotic drugs, toxic drugs and psychotropic drugs; Release drugs, medical devices quality and safety information; Investigate consumer food safety and drugs, medical devices, cosmetics research, production, circulation, use of illegal behavior, etc. < / P> < P> she disclosed that the State Council approved the agency set up ten institutions include: office ( Planning department) Permission, policies and regulations department, food department, the drug registration division of China's food safety supervision, ( Chinese medicine ethnic medicine and supervision) , medical equipment and supervision, drug safety supervision deparment, personnel department and international cooperation department, bureau; There are administrative establishment, one hundred and ninety-seven. < / P>
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