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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-08
Beijing drug administration issued cosmetics tag < p> 2017 - related regulations 03 - 16 13:24:55 < / p> on September 10, Beijing municipal food and drug administration issued 'cosmetics management', 'health management' and other regulations on November 1, the implementation of this year. Beijing municipal food and drug administration issued the 'Beijing cosmetics regulatory way (for the first time Provisional) ', 'Beijing> < cosmetics production enterprise health license management way, Provisional) ', 'Beijing health food supervision and management way, Provisional) ', 'Beijing health food hygiene license management way, Provisional) ', these four rules from November 1 to implement. Deputy director of municipal food and drug administration Lu Aili is introduced, the future must have a label, cosmetics packaging production enterprise name, hygiene license number, production date, shelf life and so on. labels shall not be note there are indications that some of these name of diseases, such as inside fire. Shall not promote curative effect, use medical terms such as 'sterilization, anti-inflammatory, in principle are not allowed to say' in addition to the spot to knit 'and other words, can be expressed as' fade spots, reduce wrinkles. This year will focus on check cosmetics wholesale markets, commodity markets, cosmetic beauty is white spot in the courtyard, etc. Health food packaging in the upper left corner in the future, must be in accordance with the requirements of related with three little blue hat logo, is allowed according to the health food sales. Last August, since the food and drug administration to take over the cosmetics and health food, cosmetics from consumer complaints at issue are: cosmetics quality; Cosmetic advertisements exaggerate the role and effect. The main problem with health food illegal advertisement, etc.
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