Focus on Yan value economy: male consumers in first-tier cities organize their instruments for 24 minutes per day

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-09
Compared with the past, consumers know more about brands today, and some traditional consumption boundaries are gradually disappearing. Statistics show that male consumers in China's first-tier cities spend an average of 24 minutes a day sorting out their meters, and 88% of male consumers will check beauty and fashion information online-- Both figures are significantly higher than in the past 10 years. The scope of 'Yan value economy' continues to expand, 'I may spend 20% of my income on cosmetics, fashion and bags every year. 'Lv Qi, a 29-year-old Shanghai white-collar worker, said that it is human nature to love beauty, especially for the middle and high income groups in big cities, it is becoming the norm to pay relatively high prices for a more beautiful appearance and better product quality. The pursuit of Yan value is a powerful thrust for the development of China's local fashion industry. 'Not only look at the face, but also look at temperament. 'To promote the scope of' Yan value economy 'from self-timer equipment and beauty hospitals to cosmetics, fashion and other industries. Li, marketing director of Shanghai Jahwa Goff brand, a local daily chemical leader, told reporters that the annual growth rate of the men's care market is still 10% to 15% at a time when the growth of the entire daily chemical industry is slowing down. 'Skin Care has always been considered a woman's patent, but in recent years we feel that men are more beautiful and pay more attention to 'face '. From a simple cleanser to a full range of toner, lotion, cream and mask. 'Li Jun said. Du Lei, a senior analyst at the beauty care market in the Asia-Pacific region of inminter, said that many consumers feel that the pace of life and work is getting faster and faster, and there have been some fragrance and bath products that relieve stress in the market, it is possible to give birth to some new cosmetics. Personalized consumption is also a major trend. Chinese consumers are no longer satisfied with 'staple goods' that can only provide basic functions, and the supply side of the whole fashion industry has become richer and more diversified, this gives some 'small and beautiful' products a chance to stand out in the big-name containment. Behind the market change is the competition between scientific research and Capital Power. There are many 'black technologies' in cosmetics. Anti-aging is a hot topic. Experts said that research shows that 30% of Chinese consumers' skin aging comes from DNA and 70% from factors such as diet structure, environmental factors and lifestyle. There are differences in aging between Chinese consumers and consumers in other countries. Only by finding the regulatory factors can we develop anti-aging products suitable for Chinese consumers. In addition, some of the latest Internet technologies have also been introduced into the cosmetics industry. For brand building, marketing and quality are like the wings of a bird. Many people have noticed that in recent years, local cosmetics companies have made great efforts in marketing and communication. The name of the domestic popular TV variety show, cosmetics companies are 'gold owners', the cost of this up to hundreds of millions of yuan. 'I have to admit that the short board of local cosmetics lies in scientific research. 'Senior people in the cosmetics industry said that the annual research and development funds of international cosmetics giants are over 1 billion yuan, which has exceeded the sales of many domestic enterprises, but the pattern of China's cosmetics industry is relatively scattered, the annual sales revenue of many enterprises is less than 0. 1 billion yuan. Embracing consumption upgrades, brand building is indispensable. In addition to the emphasis on internal repair strength and quality improvement, the industry believes that external repair image and good 'brand story' are also indispensable. Sha Nansheng, deputy director of the science and technology department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the company's 'Brand Story' is not specifically about advertising, not to mention 'false propaganda', but to use customers to accept the way to impress customers. The industry believes that brands carry more recognition of their products and services by consumers, and are a product derived from the mutual running-in between brand owners and consumers' purchasing behaviors. The significance of building a Chinese brand is not only reflected in the report of the company's sales profit, but also undertakes the important mission of spreading the spirit of craftsmen, purifying the honest environment, displaying Chinese culture, and telling Chinese stories.
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