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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-18
Focus on China direct selling legislation for open against foreign advance < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:56 < / p> source: China business times as a domestic leading W TO experts, university professor xue rongjiu view TO the problems of direct sales of foreign trade and economic cooperation has been very bright, firmly: support open, opposition TO foreign first. A few days ago, our reporter to interview, xue rongjiu professor xue reiterated that view. When it comes to why open direct support, professor xue think: first of all, this is China's wto accession commitments. Since we signed the legal documents open promised three years, fulfill commitment is the responsibility of China. There is no reason for delay. Second, the existence and development of direct selling abroad, proved that direct selling is a kind of sales model, obeys the law of market economy development of the socialist market economy in China, must go this step. Third, with the development of economy, China is gradually into a well-off society. Direct marketing products, health products accounted for a considerable proportion, into a well-off life of consumer groups have strong demand. Fourth, the elderly in China, more and more, this part of the people have consumption ability, especially consumer demand in terms of health care products. But they this batch of people mobility, is not willing to, or don't have the ability to often shopping in big stores. Direct sales model of face-to-face product introduction, door-to-door service, etc. , more in line with the requirements of this group of people. Because of these reasons, China has pledged to open, professor xue publicly called for a long time ago in different occasions, direct selling should open the legislation. But, for the relevant state departments to foreign first rumours that he made it clear that opposition. He thinks, since prohibit pyramid selling in 1998, amway, Avon and other foreign under the condition of the conversion sales continue to exist, has accounted for a lot of cheap, now if they come first, not fair for Chinese enterprises. Therefore, professor xue direct legislation, there are two Suggestions: first, make a unified method, whether Chinese companies, or foreign, as long as up to standard, can carry out direct marketing business. Second, it is suggested that the method to set up direct selling threshold, don't too high, such as the amount of capital, not high to most Chinese companies can't accept it. Professor xue told reporters, according to his understanding, some domestic engaged in direct sales companies, unable to conduct business at home, was forced to overseas development, and doing well. He said, such enterprise, if in his own country but can't do business, is inappropriate.
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