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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-28
Five kinds of cosmetics that can't be used when pregnant pregnant in October is a very difficult thing for female friends. It is a woman's nature to love beauty. Many women still wear makeup during pregnancy, but I don't know this will bring serious threat to health, the following 5 kinds of cosmetics pregnant women should be vigilant. 1. Freckle cream, according to the sampling survey and inspection of beauty freckle products by the consumer association, the mercury content of all samples exceeded the standard seriously, and 60% of the samples exceeded the standard of mercury content by more than kg. Mercury is a heavy metal that is harmful to human health. The whitening and freckle removing effects of such products are temporary. Once the spots are stopped, they will be repeated and will cause great damage to the skin, long-term use of mercury-containing cosmetics has serious harm to human nerves, digestive tract, urinary system, etc. Experts warm reminder: when a woman is pregnant, because of changes in hormones and endocrine, it will deepen or grow spots on the face, so it is recommended that women should not use freckle products during pregnancy, it is not too late to use it after the child's hormone secretion is normal. 2, hair dye, according to the investigation of foreign medical experts, hair dye will not only cause skin cancer, but also cause breast cancer, leading to fetal malformation. Experts warm reminder: I have heard that a woman who has been working in a barber shop for a long time has had many habitual abortions. After finding out the reason, she found that it was caused by hair dye. Therefore, for a healthy baby, pregnant mothers are not suitable for using hair dye. 3. Perfume and artificial musk are widely used in cosmetics and perfumes, which have side effects of disrupting endocrine, the Japanese research team reminded women who are pregnant or breastfeeding their fetuses to pay attention to the possible harm caused by artificial musk residues. The research team said that they detected artificial musk residues in breast milk and adipose tissue for the first time, there are side effects such as disrupting the endocrine and affecting the normal functioning of biological hormones. 4. Cold perm, according to the research of French medical experts for many years, women's hair is not only very fragile after pregnancy, but also easy to fall off. Perm with cold perm will aggravate hair falling. Experts warm reminder: Cold hot essence will also affect the normal development of the fetus in pregnant women, and a few people will be allergic to it. Pregnant women are not suitable for using chemical cold hot essence. 5, lipstick, lipstick is composed of grease, wax, pigment and spice, which usually uses lanolin, lanolin will absorb various harmful heavy metal trace elements in the air, it is also possible to adsorb Escherichia coli into the fetus and have certain permeability. After a pregnant woman wears lipstick, some harmful substances in the air are easy to adsorb on her lips and enter her body with saliva, causing harm to the fetus in her abdomen, so it is not appropriate for pregnant women to use lipstick.
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