First aid to stay up late party theater skin care little common sense

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
Recently caught very dark in the han descent of the sun finally finished! Girls stay up late watching dramas, brain and feign death that set is all cry than tying Qiao Mei mulberry heart! Is his drama, malaria death also want to finish! Well the last is the perfect ending, but by our fault abuse skin but in large pores, black rim of the eye, take blain blain, it's no use crying over spilt milk. , only to a skin maintain emergency ~ ~ the skin maintain this thing, it is need to accumulate over a long period perseverance to finish every day. But in one hundred was once broken! Who is going to Korean dramas so good-looking! So good taobao shopping! A top up to get carried away, a look in the mirror is in the morning to regret. This is the image of the small make up! So, will know how to share good things, together learn skin care skin care tips are ~ a tip 1: color of skin dark heavy - bubble mask instead of the wash colour after each small make up to stay up late the next day I looked in the mirror will be your panda eyes bloodshot, and increasingly bulky pore dark yellow complexion scare! ~ uppercase scared the shit out of the baby, they in fact this is free radicals make of ghost, because of fatigue, pressure, and so on can make free radicals in the body sharply higher, look natural not good-looking. Mask instead of washing YanPin with bubbles, small bubbles can into capillaries to promote blood cycle, can instantly ascend look! Skin care tips 2: maintenance and difficult to absorb by leading essence to accelerate the impatient, together slowly massage, absorption, might as well use first have the effect of 'leading' make up water, maintenance carefully before half a minute, gently pat the whole face of the follow-up maintenance can save more time. TIP1 skin absorption is poor, it is best to digest water maintenance, time is stretched TIP2 secret is take two pieces of cotton, increase the water absorbing capacity, strengthen the maintenance efficiency of skin care a tip 3: after discharge makeup and agitation with relaxed kind of maintenance do bear after discharge makeup completely moisturizing also cannot neglect, advice immediately wipe grease content lowest 'agitation' class maintain article, because the burden minimum pore, hydraulic lock also enough. PLUS! Severe skin desquamation, have a dry shortage by beauty oil emergency found obvious skin dry, oil will have to sacrifice the beauty to emergency! Wen fu strengthen penetration depth collocation towel, with cool make up water pores, and finally can quickly against desquamation. TIP1 essence massage whole years later, the temperature on the lid towel waiting for 15 to 20 seconds TIP2 full face astringent, will open pores tightened, can directly at the same time.
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