Finally was born a cosmetics, originally to go through so many procedures!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
Makeup look is not complicated to make, but the birth of a cosmetics involves many aspects, for research and development of cosmetics is an involved chemical ( The raw material) , physics, Thermal stability) , biology ( Dermatology, microbiology) , color science, Colour makeup) Such as multidisciplinary applied science, so what cosmetics research and development to consider it? Tell you cosmetics research and development of many experience, finally was born a cosmetics, need to pass the program!

1, the market decided to product ideas

the market is based on the understanding of the creative imagination, creative imagination is exclusive, cosmetics in the markets have captured consumers. So should be carried out according to the market demand for products, related to creative design.

2, process design,

cosmetics production with science and technology as the forerunner, the adoption of new technology, new equipment to launch new products quickly, is a trend in the development of the international cosmetics manufacturer industry in recent years. Because many cosmetics is affected by temperature, PH value, viscosity and so on, so the production process of products put forward higher request. According to the different demands of different formulation and, therefore, adopt the appropriate production technology, can obtain the higher products.

3, formula design

according to the product of different dosage form, formula of the component is completely different, you need to balance formula in each kind of raw material, like cook, all kinds of ingredients and seasonings need to have a appropriate ratio to make a delicious dishes.

4, safety

don't think that after the formula design, produce samples is finished, and a series of evaluation needs to be done next. Such as the stability of the sample test, 稳定性试验) Microbial test ( 微生物测试) Toxicology tests ( 安全测试) And the effect of cosmetics ( Moisturizing, whitening, sunscreen, anti-aging, etc. ) Evaluation, etc. A qualified cosmetics must meet all safety index can be ultimately listed.

5, product promotion

a brand can be successful in the market operation, first to see if he is the target consumer acceptance. This identity is the identity of culture first, including the identification of the concept of cosmetics, identification of the corporate image, identification of the product represented by the social class, social values of cosmetics manufacturer, described the identification, identification of the psychological feelings expressed by the cosmetics, etc.

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