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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-24
Face how to apply the < p> 2017 - 09 - 29 10:08:00 < / p> mask a = 2 piece effect, 99% of people don't know. 1. Attach the periphery facial mask hurried MM may put the mask on face when apply face film even if finished, in fact, the effect is very poor. Apply face film, should be centered on the bridge of the nose of apply the mask, by inside and outside the smooth face film paper, introduced the air, peripheral parts must be submissive, otherwise easy to turn up well because of the mask paper drying. 2. Coated with emulsion lock water apply the mask does not means to end well. Finally, coated with emulsion, emulsion can form a layer of grease texture of protective film, help us to lock the moisture and the skin just absorb nutrients. 3. Apply face after apply neck apply the mask will also hold a certain amount of nutrient solution, MM people can play make spirit, used to apply on the neck. Doing so can avoid the face and neck skin gap bigger and bigger problem. 4. Heating cover towel if MM people put the mask in the refrigerator cooling or heating with hot water will have damage may mask nutrients. The best thing to do is to prepare for a dry towel, apply the mask on the back cover 5. Take a shower after apply face film MM people have the habit of washing a hot bath will apply face film, so this is the best time to apply face film oh, when the skin pore is stretched adequately, and the skin hydrated. Similarly, the MMS can wash a face with hot water before you can apply face film, effect is very good oh. 6. Backing with essence mask before had better firstly, backing with essence, because doing so can play a leading essence mask and to enhance its effect. For example apply whitening mask money can polishing the whitening essence, can also take on moisture essence to apply moisturizing mask. 7. Take the mask massage every time actually apply the mask off, there were a large number of elite fluid above the face no absorption. At this time we can gently massage the face, massage for 3 to 5 minutes to help its absorption, the effect can be doubled. 8. Mask bag essence a MM will detect the mask bag there are some essence, why don't we make good use of. We can use to apply on the hands feet, the whole body absorb essence together!
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