Fact! Fact! Fact! 400 batches cosmetics accident! Are you involved?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24
Beauty makeup industry these days there's a small storm

don't know if you have the Feel to

weibo hot search topic

# 400 # batch cosmetics accident

many small fairies said Halloween ~

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southern metropolis daily, combed the

since 2018 countries and regions the agency reported

2000 batches unqualified cosmetics

398 batches of counterfeit or suspected counterfeit products

many also contain banned substances such as antibiotics

and still in taobao and spell more available

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actually you fairy

don't panic don't panic ~

'fake' there is no real sense of fake

it is the food and drug administration in around to

then exposure of counterfeit goods

so don't panic, be careful injured ~

of course, but they also have a few not fake

the drug safety check, but the denial to say it's fake

drug safety with no evidence had to be handled as fake

so buy cosmetics or want to normal buy


# 400 # batch cosmetics accident also heard of many cosmetic issues before, but the cosmetics have become a staple of many fairy, so small make up recommend only: in choosing a brand, through formal channels to purchase, not credulous copycat buying, suits own is the most important!

we don't know the cosmetics, but how to find our own, how to test is the most important thing, look at yourself in the process of use will not produce the following skin problems!

1, the allergenic risk

point accurately, allergy should be called 'adverse reactions after the cosmetics use'. With still more typical symptoms, such as redness, foaming and so on; In the products, may also show the scalp burns, etc.

2, cause acne risk

a lot of people think that because blain blain skin care products and cosmetics applied too thick, clogged pores, actually this is only half right.

because our sebaceous glands is not because of the particles of cosmetics were choked up, but due to improper use the product, cause the sebaceous glands are excessive diversification, resulting in excessive sebaceous glands secretion, acne, so a lot of blain blain is stuffy out! 3,

red blood silk to red blood silk risk, is the expansion of the capillaries, generally subcutaneous capillaries is relatively hidden, but when the sun's heat and light to stimulate become violent, will make the capillaries expansion for a long time.

it is impossible to effect a radical cure of red blood silk, can only ease, the best way is to use a few can help restore the skin barrier products quickly. XJ production of cosmetics Beauty are all qualified, and through the clinical test, so don't worry about skin problems!

skin care is door knowledge

, and did eat and drink with all want to pay attention to

was amway, copycat, buy a pile of grass planting,

it is hard to see results

may even acne, black face, into a beautiful, sensitive muscle

so science is a practice to protect skin, choose to suit their own

about # # 400 batches of cosmetics manufacturer accident don't panic

let oneself become more beautiful need to perserve

SMW institutes of big data statistics found that only last year, national and local sampling observation of the agency found that more than 2000 batches of unqualified in cosmetics, confirmed by the enterprise for counterfeit or deny production of suspected counterfeit cosmetics has nearly 400 batches.

so, exist all cosmetics, so each cosmetic brands, cosmetics manufacturer manufacturers must: and line and treasure! # # 400 batches of cosmetics accident will be the topic of time, but the brand reputation loss is permanent, the processing looking for cosmetics, let XJ Beauty to help you produce high quality products, welcome consultation to understand!

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