Face film market? Mask processing OEM manufacturer which good?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-21
Is in for a period of six months 'Chinese face' survey, 95% of 20 to 49 years old Chinese women ever use mask or tear the mask, and according to the relevant data: the mask of the size of the market and buying groups continue to expand, China's mask buy permeability is as high as 44%. Mask the present situation of the high speed growth, so want to find the mask of OEM brand dealers, get the opportunity to expand the market, choose cosmetics manufacturer processing OEM processing, face film, welcome consulting XJ Beauty, professional services technology let you admit defeat!

according to the survey, 45% of women use 1 time every 2 to 3 days or more mask, many men also began to use the mask, the mask has become a 'daily skin care essentials' in today's consumers. Nearly two years, the mask brand have proliferated, present a savage growth momentum, China film of face of annual sales growth rate of 20%, to 2019, the market volume is expected to 13 billion yuan. Face film market? Mask processing OEM cosmetics manufacturer which good? Face the market must be good.

in the long run, the Chinese film market scale is huge upside, face the market need, after nearly 10 years of education and promote, mask peremptory has become a protect skin to taste of FMCG, on the premise of guarantee the product quality, brand side also need to take time from the operation mode, supply chain integration, in order to minimize cost, inflated bubble break costs, profits will also channels, let the consumer benefit at the same time, also let the mask of profit return. Mask processing OEM manufacturer which good? So to do face film products subject to the qualifications, have market competitiveness, quality guaranteed mask processing OEM, choose XJ Beauty is correct.

now a lot of face film brand, basic spell, the spell price, quality status of the profits, with no cost advantage, is getting closer and closer to death will. At present, face film market in urgent need of a soul and personality, sustainability, with profits protection mask brand to stir up the market. With the development of new media, the path of the electrical business is a must. Electricity, how wechat business go have skills. The processing of cosmetics manufacturer brands need to have our own brand, not only should cooperate with high quality manufacturer, producing high quality security products, XJ Beauty with many cosmetics manufacturer brands, professional degree, experience, service and so on, are excellent, welcome consultation to understand!

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