Eye cream OEM processing

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-10
Eye cream refers to cosmetics that can alleviate problems such as dark circles, eye bags, crow's feet and fat particles caused by ultraviolet radiation, long-term computer radiation and bad living habits. The use of eye cream can alleviate the above problems to achieve a firm, delicate and elastic eye skin condition. The common problems of the eyes are as follows: dark circles, eye bags, edema, fine lines, dry lines, crow's feet, fat particles, lack of eyes, etc. The eyes are the windows of the soul, but this window is very fragile. A smile or even a frown will make your eyes relax and show eye lines. Want to eyes outstanding charming make eyes skin Instant Smooth bright become Electric Eye goddess of course to eyes all-round nursing. Cause of eye lines: the thickness of eye skin is only about 0. 3mm, while the water-lipid membrane of the eye skin lacks water and oil secretion, and the orbital muscles often contract on weekdays, collagen tissue is easy to lose elasticity, and the eye skin gradually forms eye lines due to relaxation. Age of eye cream: eye cream is necessary for most people. In some special cases, eye cream should be used as early as possible, especially for women with dry skin, and the proportion of this kind of women is still relatively high. It is understood that 18- Neutral skin accounts for the majority at the age of 24, but neutral skin is prone to dry or oily at certain times. The second is the seasonal factor. Many places are getting drier and drier. Especially today's global warm winter phenomenon makes the air humidity smaller and smaller for a long time, while the long-term use of heating and air conditioners makes the face short of water, eye skin first. The third is to use excessive eyes. Most modern professional women cannot do without words and computers. In addition, a large number of newspapers and periodicals, film and television CDs dominate leisure time, resulting in extreme fatigue of eye muscles, lead to premature appearance of skin wrinkles around eyes.
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