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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-26
Every research skin beauty: essence skin care product trend report recently, Tmall new product innovation center once again cooperated with Tmall super category day, and according to Ali big data, produce and release the white paper of 'facial essence category Trend Report', deeply understand the current situation of consumer market, consumption upgrade trend and consumer portrait of essence category, etc, understand the consumption needs of young consumers after the 90 s and 95 s, and further empower businesses and industries. The report of consumption upgrade driven by young consumers under the age of 30 shows that the sales trend of facial essence has continued to rise in the past three years, and the expansion of the market benefits from the contribution of new consumer groups, the surge in the number of consumers contributed 90% to sales growth. The core consumer group is young women under the age of 30. Those who pay attention to quality and love fashion have become the opinion leaders of the consumer market and the 'new generation' of the skin care market '. Of which 18-24 consumers accounted for 30 years old, 25- 29-year-old consumers account for 27 thousand, and the eight major captain brands such as Hailan mystery, Deke, Guerlain, Estee Lauder, Clarins, L'Oreal Paris, AHC and OLAY are most popular with them. There are middle and high-end brand essences such as the mystery of sea blue, Estee Lauder, Clarins, French Guerlain, OLAY, L'Oreal Paris, Decaux, AHC, and every Research Institute to bring luxury repair experience to the skin. Since there are so many essential choices to adapt to different female skin types and effects, it is no wonder that consumers have already reported that they have chopped their hands. It is also driven by these main consumers that the facial essence market is gradually moving towards high-end, and they are using their unique consumption methods to promote the upgrading of consumer goods. At 2015- 2017 Tmall facial essence the proportion of users of all ages can be found in the figure, 18- 30-year-old women are the largest consumer group, and women over the age of 30 follow their pace to upgrade their skin care. On the other hand, the essence of the consumption upgrade is showing two leading groups. 200-350 yuan of mid-range essence and 500- The high-end essence of 750 yuan accounts for 21% and 15 yuan respectively, giving consumers differentiated upgrade space at different stages. Among them, the Post-90s consumers are stratified again, 18-25-year-old female driver mid-range essence, 25-35-year-old female driver high-end essence. The essence market shows the trend of scene, 'Efficient and in-depth' becomes the trend keyword, while 'refinement' becomes a keyword. The report believes that with the gradual enrichment of consumers' knowledge and experience in skin care, it has become a new trend for the essence market to understand their skin types and needs and choose the single product that is most suitable for them, scenario-based consumption and multi-product combination are becoming the key to upgrading the consumption of this category. The data shows that the skin is mainly faced with problems such as oil acne, dryness, aging, dark yellow and sensitivity, among which delaying aging and solving skin dark yellow are the most effective dimensions of essence products. The effects of 'helping water and milk absorption', 'targeted efficacy' and 'high concentration of nutrients' have also become important drivers for consumers to use a certain essence. The data also shows that 80% of consumers are inconsistent in the brand of essence and water milk, and 90% of consumers are inconsistent in the efficacy of essence and water milk. Moreover, 25% of consumers use different essences in different seasons to adapt to changes in the external environment; 29% will use 2 or more different essences at the same time to match the changes in its own state. The last part of the white paper shows that keywords such as efficiency, speed, security and durability are the core demands of the development of the elite category market. 'Efficacy in line with demand', 'good skin feeling after use' and 'brand with good reputation' have become the main purchase considerations for consumers. Among them, 350 yuan is the watershed of the elite Market. European, American and Japanese brands are the most popular among consumers, but the consumer demands behind them are the same. Source: Sohu
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