Every day in apply face film, but you really choose the right?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02
But due to excessive facial mask on the market, consumers begin to made a choice when shopping dyslexia: exactly what kind of mask can call it good mask? Choose a good mask, actually should start from the most basic membrane cloth. On the choice of such a dazzling, exactly what is truly good membrane cloth? For shoddy, build whitening illusion, many unscrupulous businessmen choose to sell inferior mask containing fluorescent agent see clipping film cutting cloth, is the most direct experience of production technology, good cutting must be through the sons of precision analysis, which is the most suitable for Asian facial contour. As the saying goes, 'the mask is bad, the skin was not', cut the fine membrane cloth paste not only convenient, more can make the skin evenly absorb essence, will not attend. Cutting mask is in line with the facial contour, is the most basic condition of a high quality mask if membrane cloth membrane permeability is good, strong adhesion is the base of achievements of face of a good. We must avoid a myth: the ability to absorb the essence of the thick film cloth, the more mask is better, actually otherwise, too thick membrane cloth or textile mill can cause skin burden instead. The pores in the process of apply face film can't breathe, backfire, not only absorb the essence, are more likely to cause skin problems such as silent. Good mask is a thin elastic, the pull of the appropriate will not damage, although the thin membrane cloth itself but does not affect the good adsorption capacity. Note: this article from the network, the copyright belongs to original author, if there is any infringement please contact deleted.
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