Essential oil which good OEM generation of processing?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24
Guangzhou XJ Beauty better biological technology development co. , LTD. , enterprises with domestic special cosmetics filing services from all the regular inspection items of cosmetics testing services, has set up a professional cosmetics manufacturer generation of processing and testing laboratory, with the most advanced testing equipment, reagents, and international standard test method for the product to make high level standard guidance and supervise the quality. Comprehensive enterprise products in the hands of consumers of the safe use, ensure that consumers at ease, rest assured use. Along with the rapid development of the factory, the company to the outside world vision, and the Canadian institute of japheth signed the agreement of technical cooperation, the implementation of complementary resources both at home and abroad, greatly improve product research and development capabilities as well as the competitiveness of the enterprises, and ensure that from XJ Beauty of every single product in the field of cosmetics manufacturer can achieve high technical content, for the vast number of consumers to provide a quality guarantee, and can provide various type of skin people all over the world with the most suitable product formula, the product sells in distant markets Europe and America, southeast Asia, the Middle East. Essential oil OEM choose XJ Beauty couldn't be better. Always put the pure natural products, functional, safe and effective in the first place, all raw materials used as natural biological materials, product quality by the resource, set advanced biological engineering technology at home and abroad, from the extraction, purification, refining, a series of crafts are using pure natural plant extract biological processes, based on the absorption characteristics of the skin cells to keep the plant nutrient and efficacy components. To develop a series of high safety, permeability stronger, better absorbent, effect is more obvious features of the product. Their ceramide essence, for example, 95% of allergic patients with severe infection of staphylococcus aureus, staphylococcus aureus infection directly lead to secondary inflammation, damage to the skin barrier function, resulting in a large number of moisture loss. Ceramide essence for 4 weeks, staphylococcus aureus, can reduce the number of close to 90%, skin moisture content is about 40%, significantly improve the skin barrier function, corneous layer is in good repair. The oasis in the desert dense Luo Mu essence, can in a short time ( 24h) 48 h within the resurrection magical desert plants, make skin healthy! Luo Mu native to southern Africa recovery plant guhya Luo Mu ( Myrotham - nus flabellifolia) ( Fan Ye Xiang shrubs) Is one of the few highly drought-tolerant plants on earth, is also the only woody recovery plant. This plant can be highly as a seed tolerance desiccation, while only 7% ─ 11% moisture content the organization can keep the water characteristics of the resurrection. Luo Mu dehydration after leaves become brown, through the severe drought in the form of dormancy, in dry brown leaves rapidly after water absorbing water, 1 days or so will turn green and restore life force. Efficacy: 1, during the dehydration protection membrane, prevent the skin lipid oxidation ( Cell membrane and extracellular matrix) 。 2, protect cell membranes from drought damage, stabilize the skin moisture and lipid barrier. 3, in a short period of time to activate the skin, moisturize dry skin, skin moisture up to 48 hours. 4, compression of skin regeneration, and reduce the redness. 5, and strengthen the damaged skin barrier, significantly improve the skin. ( Only 5 days) Against the influence of external environment is the most effective product - — Dense Luo Mu regeneration cream/regeneration essence coenzyme Q10 essence increased wrinkles, skin aging and Q10 content is related to the lower levels, the aging skin, facial wrinkles. This article adopts the Swiss import parcel nano coenzyme Q10, molecular weight is only 50 nm, solved the problem of the coenzyme Q10 not easily absorbed by skin, at the same time double nanoparticles containing vitamin E and C structure made easier into coenzyme Q10 has reduction ( Coenzyme Q10 to permeate into deep skin, restore after can produce active) 。 The coenzyme Q10 better conversion rates, displayed on the skin effect is more intense. No corrosion protection system is also used this product, the product use safer, using a week can significantly improve the skin. Cat 's-foot essence, wound repair, scar repair, repair stretch marks first choice! Centella asiatica is have excellent 'healing', the reason for this is that the snow grass glycosides have promote collagen synthesis and new an important role in angiogenesis, which is beneficial to the healing of the wound. If on the skin wound of the continuous application of containing centella asiatica essence, can prevent wound infection fester and shorten the wound healing time. Long-term bad repair cream on face facial oedema erythema, papule large area, water need, pustular, cyclical or repetitive facial flush, with dry, desquamation, scabby, skin atrophy, angiotelectasis, XJ Beauty star product - — Long-term bad face repair cream leverage effect, the first day began to pay off, make you unexpected effect, hormone face not embarrassing |
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