Essence, when is the best time to use

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
Elite fluid usually contains a high concentration of skin care ingredients, molecules is very small, can go deep into the dermis to repair, can also help solve the problem of skin, directly so essence also price is more expensive than other skin care products. General essence whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging effect of the big three, sometimes will also add some special ingredients. A, essence, when is the best time to use? 1. What is the best age in essence generally will only be used after 25 years old, then women's skin color of skin dark, began to appear wrinkly, etc. , the essence contains transparent glue was higher than normal skin care products, while some older women will choose the essence of some special effects. 2. Essence skin care order essence is not suitable for single use, must first after using the toner after cleansing, elite fluid, latex again, then is to isolate. The order of the lotion and essence, different skin, different products also has exquisite, details please see the following essence to use principles. Second, the essence of the use of principle 1, using more than one essence, the quality and efficacy decide while using elite fluid to reach the effect that protect skin, quickly but at the same time using two essence is the limit, use of the time it is important to note: first use thin texture, and then use the quality of a material is thick, and then to decide according to reach the skin depth, the depth of moisture - — Whiten skin -- - — , anti-wrinkle, whitening essence generally use effect is better in the evening, because night light is weak, no ultraviolet ray, the whitening effect is more obvious. And anti-wrinkle essence is suitable for use during the day, because in this way can help skin resist more outside, while moisturizing essence is suitable for use in day and night, but don't use too much at a time, otherwise easy to cause skin nutrition surplus. Order 2, emulsion, essence, first painted the essence of the low viscosity of product oil is generally less, and the oil in the emulsion is much better than the essence, and the emulsion have greasy feeling, put essence, if oily skin use emulsion, first will contain high moisture, or essence milk more thick than emulsion texture, then you should put a little dilute emulsion, besmear again the essence, the effect will be better. 3, essence, unfavorable and overmuch and full face, should not stay too long essence though skin care effect is good, but should not be used full face, because of its concentration is very high, use also have certain standards, if more than the limit of dosage, skin will absorb not, form a kind of dependence. Can after moisturizing essence, first in the spotted or use local whitening essence can blain to imprint position. , from the perspective of daily essence does not need to use every day, especially healthy skin, can't let the essence in the face for a long time, the more concentrated the essence of the note, the massage to clean off after 20 minutes, or you will make your skin become more and more dry. Three, the use of the elite fluid step1: first take out the essence of one yuan coin size, folded hands after delivery will be wrapped in essence the cheek, and then gently pat, after five seconds, add a little cheeks essence package. Step2: when daub forehead direction is from the bottom up, with middle finger and ring finger point to an abdomen to press the gimmick of the essence into skin gently. Step3: should pay attention to when using essence liquid onto the nose direction is down, nose part is just as well. Step4: then gently with middle finger and ring finger point to an abdomen press around the eyes, the along the hairline gently on the face pressure, let essence fully absorbed, insist for a long time this technique also helps tighten the skin.
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