Essence lotion and essence

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24
As the most remarkable efficacy in cosmetics manufacturer, has the function of anti-aging essence, general advice you can start using the age of 18, so, what is essence milk, what is the difference between the two, you can use it at the same time, in this article, we processing cosmetics manufacturers XJ Beauty to tell everyone: one, the essence of essence is the active ingredients such as natural animal, vegetable or mineral extraction, using high-tech hyperlinks, is a highly concentrated the essence of the product. Is the natural animals and plants, and minerals under the condition of low temperature distillation, so its active ingredient can be effectively saved, has very good for the skin anti-wrinkle, firming, nutrition and moisture, reduce the pigment, and so on. According to different degree of rare stiff, the essence can be divided into two kinds of of concentrate and composite fluid. Second, the essence milk essence milk is a kind of emulsion, it is made of a component as the main, general use of the product can need not other emulsion, emulsion is rare, but usually the cold winter weather, is not recommended essence milk, and essence milk generally is higher than common emulsion concentration of active ingredients, essence milk compared commonly applicable to neuter skin, use a little thicker than essence, suitable for dry skin. So, the essence is better than essence milk, essence of more than the essence milk more remarkable efficacy. Embedded between different nutrients, essence milk just hydrating, and collection of hydrating and moisturizing essence, spot, anti-wrinkle, moist, is the price also has the obvious difference, between the essence of a bottle of 350 ml milk price will be higher price than the essence of a 35 ml is much lower. Which use first three, usually with essence first, reoccupy essence milk, when daub skin care products, pay attention to after the first thin thick rules, essence than essence milk diluted, so put essence, can better complement skin, at the same time can make besmear after essence milk faster absorption. After washing a face every day, don't be so quick to other skin care products, direct daub elite fluid, make its full absorption. , of course, if the essence contains certain stimulative essence, peeling and the skin is dry, can put a layer of toner first, reoccupy essence, promote the skin to resist force. Next, using the essence milk and heavy cream. Preferably before using subsequent product wait 2-3 separate clock, let essence fully absorbed. Dosage and don't waste too much, a dime size amount can be.
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