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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
The eyes are the window to the soul, so, around the eye care is very important, so, we in addition to use eye cream in the morning and evening, there are also a lot of effective tips. The processing below, our professional cosmetics manufacturer cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer to XJ Beauty to show everybody together to eliminate pouch dropsy small tips: 1, the supply of water for eye besides enough to drink eight glasses of water a day, even in the office for a bottle of eye drops, keep weeping eyes. Work in the office, on the one hand, in the long run, the person's eye fatigue, then drop a little eye drops, close your eyes for a moment, relax and good for recovery. Work process, on the other hand, may with the eye excessive, or because of excessive focus 'forget' the blink of an eye, make the eye dry eyes, it is timely to supply the eyes with tears is very necessary. 2, should undertake to eye week makeup makeup is tasted to eye week skin damage is very big, so be particularly careful when discharge makeup, choose special eyes lips make-up remover. And especially on the selection of cotton to especially important, should choose or make up cotton, so you don't cotton on the eyes and eyelash glue. 3, massage the skin around the eye in the use of eye cream every day have to be careful massage to eye week, according to clockwise pat, let it slowly absorbed, eye skin became more compact, eye after check the products, best can ring finger gently pat to eye week, probably on 100 is enough. 4 a day, drink a cup of raise colour bright eye take 15 g medlar tea, boiling water for 30 minutes, stay cold offspring of tea drinking. Medlar contains rich p carrot l, element, vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium, iron, has the repair liver, benefit. Kidneys, improving eyesight, because itself has the flavor, either tea or chew food directly, acidity for computer gens eyes, fatigue, vision has very good auxiliary therapeutic effect.
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