Electricity brand cosmetics, cosmetics OEM enterprise how to choose?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24
In the mass innovation, peoples under the background of entrepreneurship. A lot of people want to by creating their own brands to their own achievements, but most of all chose the cosmetics industry, now the electrical contractor should meet the needs of the masses. Don't need a big office, don't need too much input, can create their own brand. Only need to create their own company, the registered its own brand, choose a professional cosmetics OEM processing enterprises. So how should choose cosmetics manufacturers? First we analyze an electrical goods brand is what kind of situation: 1, the newly created brand, not too much influence. 2, no professional propaganda team. 3, no product overall planning. 4, no complete after-sales service team. With the traditional cosmetics manufacturer OEM brands to compare the complete system, electricity is missing a lot of things. These things can't do, their needs with a relatively professional cosmetics OEM manufacturers cooperation, to ensure that some of his own short board can be make up for, you can let go of to sales. So electricity producers should choose a what kind of cosmetics OEM business? Professional can be output overall, guangzhou XJ Beauty can be done from the company's registered to the finished product output, one-stop service. Both to service well just enter the cosmetics industry, customers can also add their own value-added services. 1, can help customers registered company, registered brand. Such services, the guangzhou XJ Beauty can provide. 2, can determine the product's overall planning, can according to customer's actual situation, planning the overall product line for our customers. I have a middle-aged woman hairdressing maintains specifically for customers, mainly ZouDian business channels, we did the related product planning for him: the early stage of the water, milk, cream, cream, mask, such as surface protection products to open the market, and then expanded to the slimming, breast enhancement, personal protection and a series of maintenance of products. Mainly according to the different audiences to plan their product line, do a long-term development, rather than general hot style of the products. 3, cosmetics manufacturer OEM companies can design related material and purchasing of material, the general cosmetics enterprises can do. To help customers related document writing, review. In addition, electricity customers need a lot of photo material to do the details page, so you can provide product photos, can be more professional to help to the customer. 4, is now in the media age, we can help customers to open WeChat public number, weibo, etc. , new media promotion training and guidance, to enhance customer's propaganda influence. 5, for wechat business customers, need to be wechat business marketing knowledge training. Such as how to interpretation of the related product knowledge, how to establish WeChat group going to lectures, etc. For the first time into the cosmetics manufacturer industry customers, we provide relevant resources, can give customers one-stop service, especially the propaganda that need to resources, such as product posters, related document, product, the interpretation of soft products. These are some of public resources, can according to different customers, provide to different content, truly one-stop service. From the establishment of the brand to product sales through-train service.
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