Dry skin care of spring

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-27
Early spring season, dry air can accelerate the evaporation of skin moisture, especially dry skin favorite, can feel the skin water, good also do not like cosmetics manufacturer factory production of cosmetics. At the same time as the sun points to the north, uv intensity increases, the pollen in the air, dust, catkin can also cause skin irritation, XJ today guangzhou Beauty cosmetics factory brought everyone together to learn about the dry skin in the spring of skin care strategy! Problem a: skin allergy: skin redness, allergies, blain blain: spring flow alternation frequent changes in temperature, ultraviolet intensity increases, the pollen in the air, dust, catkin allergens such as easy to adhere to the surface of the skin, especially dry sensitive muscles babies, more easy to skin allergy. Don't frequent exfoliator, keep hydrating and moisturizing, completes the protective measures, is the key to prevent allergies. Problem two: the skin is dry, peeling performance: even feel face of spandex, skin elasticity, the partial skin peeling, even has the appearance of fine lines. Reason: dry skin grease is secreted less itself, skin is thin and fragile, the skin's own moisture and self-protection ability 'congenitally deficient', easy to cause the loss of moisture. External factors are spring air dry, can accelerate the evaporation of skin moisture. Dry skin of babies, if want to keep the water embellish skin, moisture and water efficient lock is the key of the skin. Response: a hydrating hydrating is the precondition of moisturizing, only the corneous layer water content increasing, such as milk, cream, moisturizing essence can have wet can fill ', 'lock water moisture. The lips dry can use lip balm. Spring skin filling water, not just by wipe besmear daub, should also drink plenty of water, can also through the humidifier, relieve dry environment such as green plants is placed. Spring often apply apply moisturizing mask can give skin filling water quickly. It should be noted that extremes meet, excessive use of mask, such as using mask mask every day, every time more than 20 minutes, can let the skin instead 'hydration', damage the skin barrier, so the mask can be two or three times a week. Response 2: gentle clean corneous layer can help us to lock the moisture of the skin, but dry skin stratum corneum moisture content is lower, less amount of sebum secretion. In the spring, dry skin to reduce the number of chamfer, minimize injury to the skin cutin. Avoid to use soap clean face product, recommend the use of amino acid cleanser, and should wash a face with wen shui, alternating hot and cold water washs a face is not recommended. Moderate clean, on the premise of water and oil balance, water washs a face also can only in the morning. We usually see moisturizing skin care products on the market have lotions, creams, ingredients are mainly alcohols, polysaccharide, such as moisture absorption agent, sealing agent such as esters, silicone oil, lanolin, emollients, and bionic agent such as ceramide, sphingolipid, if other children are less likely to be as table it doesn't matter, can keep skin moist after coating can not tight. At the same time also can through to eat the moisturizing, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, especially the yam, black fungus, tremella, such as food for the Yin fluid, can make the skin more luster and elasticity. Response 3: full sunscreen sunscreen can reduce uv damage in the dermis collagen, moisturizing effect to some extent. As the spring sun point gradually to the north, ultraviolet intensity increase, if you don't pay attention to prevent bask in the spring, summer is likely sunburn, prevent bask in the importance of self-evident. Sun is known to all is very important, the weather is getting hot, recommends the best besmear bask in, before going out every day and be sure to use adequate cream. We usually use sunscreen is generally a coin size, such as a 30 ml bottle of sunscreen, about 30 days or so should be exhausted, you can be in accordance with the standard check whether oneself use sunscreen is enough quantity hard oh ~ don't forget to do prevent bask in, also is to use umbrellas, sun hat, sunglasses, clothes keep out ultraviolet ray. Small make up also charged, bask in not only the summer to do, must want to bask in all the year round, especially in the spring also should pay attention to. Dry skin, though not as oily skin cleanser etc to oil every day, but also need to carefully care, especially in the little rain in the spring, we need more care. At first care is simple and convenient, but there must be, otherwise, more problems after we need to spend more time and energy to do it, and may not be so easy to solve. So, the spring of skin care for dry skin is very necessary.
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