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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02

, 'ten nine women' plagued by serious love beautiful women. Large and small spot whitening project of beauty salon is also very popular, many customers in the use of whitening products, into a beauty parlour do care, all want to be instantly whiten skin, spot to no shadow, seems to have reached this level is the effect only little imagine this kind of idea is very wrong, there is no available spot whitening products. Don't be exaggerated false advertisement temptation, thought just a lying there for snow-white skin immediately.

due to the formation of dark spots area is located in the base layer of still has vitality cell layer, thus the formation of pigmentation, the longer it is whitening fade the longer it will be required. Generally speaking, to see the effect of desalination, at least one life cycle tour waiting for epidermis cells, namely 28 days. If some whitening products excessively strengthening spot time, only a short few days or a few times, is likely to be used is a decoloring effect of chemical composition, the composition of the alarming 'effect' because extremely easy to completely destroy the melanin cell or completely stripped crumbs and harm the skin.

if unreasonable to covet available and choose a 'quick spot' products, can produce red, sensitive skin. Dry red, corneous layer thin. Serious desquamate, the side effects of this situation as soon as possible after should immediately stop using the products have been destroyed and the treatment measures if choose the function of normal melanocytes, so 'melasma' - — Unable to recover due to burn black skin reactions, is unable to avoid.

in recent years, the effect in southeast Asia to buy cheap and fast whitening products, which often contain mercury and benzodiazepines, after using the let skin experience unprecedented havoc.

can instantly whiten spot must contain bleaching composition in the product, in the short term to bleach the skin, make skin look white, temporarily suppressed dark spots on the surface, and forced to quickly spot is usually stripped epidermis the outer protective layer, namely stripping the skin's natural protective coat, the red blood cells of the skin cell was met by the destruction of the bleaching composition, causing metabolic function decline, melanin deposition, corneous layer thin, skin condition get worse, if meets the ultraviolet irradiation, can appear more cosmetic problems such as irritation, redness, leading to fragile and sensitive skin. What's more, besides sunburn spots, the body can't be removed the roots, only through good maintenance to decompose pigment fade spots, slowly reach whitening. So don't easily believe that 'a few days the spot, available whitening' lies. Disregard the physiological structure of skin, often leaving an infinite hidden trouble. Such as rage before, now there is no lack of remorse, was damaged and healthy skin.

by meticulous care maintenance, can get the whitening effect, but there is a gradual process, because of a layer of a layer of skin cell metabolism, outward also needs a period of time. Really can see the effect of whitening spot maintenance, at least also need about 60 days, and maintain article should performance good, quality excellent, maintenance way to properly.

I hope you can get inspired: as long as you can handle it scientific, constancy, and care does not decrease, in love, you'll have the skin moist, white, healthy, down the column of whitening beauty.

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