Don't throw expired cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-08
1. Expired cream. It can maintain leather goods and evenly alter it on leather handbags and wallets to maintain it. For example, before wearing new shoes, you can use some oily cream instead of shoe polish to polish shoes, which can perfectly maintain the leather surface. Originally, the cream has a very important advantage, that is, it can be used regardless of the color of the leather, and you will not be anxious because you can't find the same color shoe polish. But be careful: do not apply a whitening cream to dark leather goods! It can maintain hair and apply cream to the hair tail, similar to the effect of conditioner. It can also wipe the feet and maintain the skin. 2. Expired lotion. It can protect the nails, wrap the nails with the makeup cotton and wrap the nails. It can be removed in about 15 minutes, which can make the nails very shiny and beneficial to the growth of the nails. It can maintain the hair, apply the lotion to the end of the hair, avoid the fork, and make the hair soft. It can be used as a foot massage oil, apply the lotion to the soaked feet, massage it to absorb it, and maintain the foot skin. 3. Expired facial cleanser. Can be used as a detergent. Because facial cleanser has an excellent effect on cleaning skin oil, it can be used to wash the collar and sleeves with a toothbrush and facial cleanser. It can also be applied to white cloth for repeated use of sneakers and then rinsed with water. Expired facial cleanser can also be applied to the area to be removed, and it is also very good to use shaving cream. 4. Expired shampoo. Shampoo is a very good choice for cleaning sheep clothes. Because the shampoo contains a hair softener, the sweater is soft and fragrant. It is also better to clean the collar with shampoo. Since the dirt here is completely polluted by dirty hair, it can be washed with some toothbrush. In the same way, it is especially suitable to use shampoo to clean the pillow towel and pillowcase. It is also possible to pour the expired shampoo into the toilet tank, and the water that is flushed out is not only fragrant, but also has an excellent cleaning effect.
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