Don't even makeup font size, font size, font size are silly points not clear

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24

there are many different kinds of cosmetics manufacturer products, different products have different size approval, but often a lot of people don't know what the various size are respectively. Such as the life of the common types of cosmetics, even makeup font size, font size, font size all silly points not clear! Today XJ Beauty small make up to science, and tell you what is the difference between them?

what is a makeup shop name?

makeup size products in our life everywhere, as a daily cleanser, toner, lotion, cream, cream concentrate, mask and make-up foundation, such as lipstick, eye shadow colour makeup products belong to makeup font size, font size of the product can be said to make the necessary in our life, everywhere, be short of one cannot.

the most formal way, cosmetics manufacturer ( Approval document for the word 'makeup') Refers to inunction, spray or other similar methods, spreading in any part of the body surface ( Skin, hair, nails, lips, the oral mucosa, etc. ) In order to achieve clean, eliminate bad smell, skin care, beauty and grooming, the purpose of daily chemicals.

if you want to know whether you use makeup size product qualified, can be in the state food and drug administration's official website of the domestic cosmetics for special non system inquires whether for qualified products, because in addition to the special use cosmetics manufacturer, all makeup size products must be registered for the record, for consumers to query.

what is eliminate the shop name?

size: elimination is approved by the local health department to review the health of batch number, format as the first X, XX XX who disappear the word size can only be used for external use disinfection sterilization, do not have the effect of adjusting human body's physiological function. National disinfection management measures stipulated in article 33 disinfection products is a kill and eliminate the effect of pathogenic microorganisms, cannot appear or implied treatment effect.

disinfection products include three categories, disinfectants and disinfection equipment and hygiene kits sanitary products include sanitary napkin, sanitary pads, such as women's menstrual health supplies, diapers, diapers, wet wipes, paper towels, napkins, tissue, sanitary napkins, cotton, and the skin, mucous membrane resistance ( Suppression) The fungus lotion and other varieties. And this kind of product in a corresponding hygiene license ( Production license) Mostly just need to be filed after registration.

what is the special size?

about 'size', a lot of people will feel strange, is generally refers to special use cosmetics.

and special-use cosmetics product category actually very common, mainly for different efficacy claims, such as education, dyeing, perm, breast beauty, fitness, deodorant, spot, sunscreen, thin body, etc. These are special use cosmetics.

( Bring the certificate)

XJ Beauty always give top priority to product safety: the disinfection quality control, raw material inspection, packaging material, production control, process management, finished goods inspection, security deposit, cengcengbaguan. Because of quality as if insist, all for a number of successful brand building in line with the hot style of its products sales channels, as long as you give our cosmetics processing, we can provide you with high quality products, high quality, was accepted by the market.

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