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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-02
Don't do these six things when making up. 1. Don't fix your eyebrows when making up. A good eyebrow shape is very important for women. We found that, most of the women who have a particularly outstanding face have a pair of beautiful eyebrows. Therefore, we need to trim and care the eyebrow shape regularly. The eyebrow shape should be trimmed when you don't wear makeup, because eyebrow trimming will affect the hair follicle tissue and damage the physiological function. If eyebrow trimming is carried out during makeup, local infection may be caused by cosmetic stimulation, and eyebrow shaping during makeup will also create a bald feeling. 2. Lipstick should not be applied more lip color, which will affect the overall makeup effect. To a large extent, lip color directly determines your complexion and look. Lipstick plays the role of finishing touch, however, lipstick cannot be worn more. The grease in lipstick has a strong adsorption effect, adsorbing dust, heavy metals, bacteria, etc. in the air, and the grease is easy to penetrate into the skin, so more lipstick will absorb these bacterial dust. In addition, lipstick is very easy to eat in the mouth, lipstick carrying bacteria dust will then enter the mouth. 3. It is not suitable to spray perfume on the face. Perfume is an aromatic conditioner and an indispensable part of girls' cosmetics. Spraying perfume can not only increase women's confidence, but also delight the people around them. A survey shows that people in the smell of perfume, the joy of the mood will rise, so the perfume is one of the indispensable cosmetics. However, special attention should also be paid when using perfume. The face is not suitable for wearing perfume. After the skin is exposed to the perfume and then exposed to sunlight, chemical changes may occur, resulting in redness and swelling, severe cases develop dermatitis. 4. Tear-pull facial mask should not be painted on eyebrows and eyelashes, because we are likely to use tear-pull facial mask products, and the cleaning strength of tear-pull facial mask is greater than that of other types of facial masks, however, it should be noted that it should not be applied to the eyebrows and eyelashes when using, because the strong adhesive force may pull the eyebrows and eyelashes together when removing them. 5. Foundation needs to be diversified. Skin color is always changing and cannot be found by naked eyes every day. However, skin color changes are still obvious in the four seasons, too deep or too shallow foundation will indirectly damage your appearance. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare several foundations with different color numbers to adjust according to seasonal changes in order to achieve perfect makeup. 6, it is not appropriate to constantly fill the powder many girls have the habit of makeup, this is normal, but if too much makeup will cause the face 'disfigured', constantly wipe the powder on the face, the mixture of powder and facial oil is very easy to adhere to the face to become a spot bottom that is difficult to clean, and the nose will also become black because of the mixture of these oils.
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