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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-01
Domestic daily chemical products have gradually become the new favorite of citizens. European and American daily chemical giants, who once 'unified the jianghu' in the glorious period, have encountered setbacks in their business in China. Accordingly, domestic daily chemical brands have gradually been accepted by more people. With the acquisition of famous domestic daily chemical brands such as small nurse and Dabao by foreign capital, even the time-honored Chinese toothpaste was rented to Unilever by Shanghai Jahwa. Many citizens sighed with emotion that on the shelves of supermarkets around them, there are fewer and fewer real domestic goods. However, according to the financial reports released by European and American foreign-funded daily chemical giants, they are no longer in good times in the domestic market, and the slowdown in growth or the decline in revenue have become a reality; On the other hand, domestic brands have attacked the city in the past year or two, and gradually become a prairie fire. European and American daily chemical giants suffered setbacks in their business in China. Before the Qingming Festival, L'Oreal, the world's largest cosmetics group, announced its financial results in China. Data show that the company's annual sales in China in 2014 totaled 143 yuan, up 7. 5% from 2013. 7%. Although growth is still achieved, this is also the first time that L'Oreal China's total sales growth rate has fallen below double digits in 14 years. Procter & Gamble, which has several brands such as Haifei Silk, Olay and Bilang, recently released its second-quarter financial report for fiscal 2015, showing that its net revenue in the second quarter was 201. 6. 1 billion US dollars, a year-on-year decline of nearly 4 U. S. Dollars, net profit of 23. $72 billion, a sharp drop of 31% compared with the same period last year. In addition, Unilever, which rented the Chinese toothpaste brand from Shanghai Jahwa 10 years ago, also encountered resistance in the localization process in China. The company's recently released financial report for the third quarter of 2014 showed that its annual revenue was 484 euros, down 2. 5%. 7%. The company said that large retailers cut inventory, affecting sales in personal care and home care, while in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2014, the company's sales in China fell 20%. In the market of washing and protecting products, the foreign brands of daily chemical products are 'cooling down the fever' and the brands in the market are diversified. The foreign brands in Europe and America, which once 'unified the whole world' in the glorious period, are successively frustrated in the Chinese market. At the same time, shampoo, shower gel, washing powder and other daily chemical products are still indispensable in the daily life of consumers. So, what brand is being consumed in the market? The reporter visited the market. The survey found that taking toothpaste as an example, the era of crest and Colgate dominating the world has passed in hypermarkets such as Carrefour, jiarunduo and BBK, domestic brands such as black people, Yunnan Baiyao, Shuke, cold sour spirit, black sister and other brands 'bloom together', each occupying a world. 'Black people and Yunnan Baiyao sell very well, often do sales promotion, some consumers will buy two or three at a time. 'Introduction to the shopping guide of jiarunduo Xiangya Road store. The reporter noted that with the functional subdivision of daily chemical products, consumers who select daily chemical products in supermarkets, brand awareness is gradually fading, and more concerned about the main efficacy of the products. Within 15 minutes of the reporter's stay in the laundry product area, a total of 3 consumers came to select the care products. In their conversation with the salesman, 'those who want to wash down jackets' and 'those used to wash vegetables and fruits' become the key to shopping demands. In the skin care market, domestic daily chemical brands have been positioned to win the middle and low-end market. In the skin care cosmetics market, high-end consumption was once occupied by European and American big names. However, domestic brands have also begun to emerge from the past 'rotten cheap' model and have new brand strategies and market strategies. In the past skin care products market, there were very few domestic brands ,. Since 2014, more and more domestic skin care brands have begun to set up counters. In addition to the natural Hall and peraya, which have been in the department store channel from the beginning, the appropriate herbal and kazilan have also become the ones that have tried the counter channel after the hundred. Brand. From brand is king to demand is king, 'in the past, many people only talked about brands when buying things, but now they talk about effects. 'A cosmetics brand senior trainer said. Around us, more and more people began to use dozens of pieces of aloe vera gel instead of hundreds of yuan of facial mask, more and more consumers began to put the product function in the first place. In the past, high-end skin care brands, which were high above the masses, also had to distribute free of charge to consumers to attract consumers. Consumers are returning to the essence of commodities from blind worship of big names. Consumers who can spend 10 yuan to solve the problem will not be willing to pay another 100 yuan, which will undoubtedly become a great opportunity for domestic brands that have always lost in the 'momentum' of brands. However, with the low-end and medium-end products of Japan and South Korea, which are equally cheap but have more advertising and brand image resources, entering the market, how to deal with domestic daily chemicals will also become a major problem.
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