Domestic cosmetics brand how to break through the market competition, must do the 'five precepts' is

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-03
With the rising cost and the influence of many factors such as Europe and America market turmoil, domestic cosmetics generation of processing enterprises, and cosmetics manufacturer brands are struggling.

the success of the brand or enterprise needs a lot of reasons, but failed as long as a fatal error, they usually easy to neglect some problems in the process of development, make some low-level mistakes, attention will be summed up in five precepts.

a, 'assume'

in the face of transformation, many ambitious boss have no fear. Not just a brand?

but everything has two sides. Because long-term rooted in the field of cosmetics generation processing and export, natural enough attention to the domestic market, and operational focus mainly on orders and production management, to understand the brand construction. Engaged in cosmetics generation of processing trade to create brand is completely two kinds of thinking, different routines, foxconn production more apple phones are absolutely do not out of the apple brand. Enterprise if mentality and ideas don't change, often error estimate their abilities and resources, to face the difficulties of estimate shortage, nine times out of ten will be failed.

2, 'the eye is too high'

a lot of generation of processing enterprises, the company used to do cosmetics manufacturer, when decided to create a brand, the whole process of decision making is often more casual, contains a lot of perceptual components, bosses like to opine on own experience, the past order thinking to think about their own. Attaches great importance to the upstream suppliers, big customers, has a tin ear for the first-line consumer marketing ideas, to own products and production capacity to see very heavy, but know little of dynamic change of competitive situation. Add staff habitual bidding, the whole team and business behavior would be in out of the vanity of the market situation.

3, 'hand too loose'

as the saying goes, 'a fence three piles, a brave man three gang'. generation processing enterprise boss before because of brand creation and management experience and talent accumulation, all a man can't attack, often called in various heroes bear different departments in the enterprise. These people either have rich experience in trade marketing, or familiar with the industry market channels, must be well-paid.

rely on outside force this right. But some bosses think for the elite to build play space, like to do the shopkeeper of cutting, euphemistically called: laissez-faire. Most of the time, however, the success of brand management, in fact, the root cause is that the highest corporate decision makers. Especially in the early, the boss personal involvement, rapid decision-making and heading to enterprise grasps is good. Because the real power remains to be proven professional managers, they also don't will be able to fully understand the owner of the brand. Disorganized decentralization, 'laissez-faire' tend to become 'doing nothing'.

4, 'too hard'

China is a manufacturing power, sportsmen, make production and are fully open factory needs this. But with the progress of The Times, this everything is changing, everyone wants to gradually from 'manufacturing' the label, to create the road of the brand. Brand is in some ways, 'empty', consumers to buy is a way of life, or passion. So cosmetic generation processing enterprise boss need to jump out from practical production product model, learn to mix, create a virtual and powerful emotional atmosphere, for your product or service.

5, 'sex is'

creates the brand cosmetics manufacturer generation of processing enterprises in the resources of determination, tend to have a grand ambitions. His courage for the boss, and secondly can motivate a team, solidarity. There is nothing wrong with this, but in the concrete operation, has a lot of companies like a grand development goals, doesn't seem to make a similar 'three years into the industry's leading brand' the goal of embarrassed.

every brand development has its inherent laws, needs a process of interaction between various factors. And for many cosmetics generation processing enterprise, creates the brand as a business, often short on resources, talents, strategy. Need experience in various harsh environment throw temper, to make the brand grow into benign orbit, XJ Beauty has its own cosmetic product research and development base, whether do brand products, we all have our specialist team.

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