Do you know why guangzhou baiyun can be a major production base of cosmetics?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14
In recent years, with rapid and sustained growth of the economy, China has become the most potential cosmetics markets around the world. In the face of China's huge market, more and more international brand began to tempted, for products listed in China at the same time, also set up factories in China, from production to sales of localization in China. XJ Beauty as a powerful processing of cosmetics brands, is headquartered in white clouds, two factory is in baiyun district. Do you know why guangzhou baiyun can be a major production base of cosmetics?

in 2016, baiyun district, guangzhou cosmetics manufacturer industry took the first step on the road to change. November, baiyun district xingfa square first phase of the project - — The asia-pacific beauty. Upon the completion of the project, it will make regional industry chain, through product design, research and development, display, experience, exchange, boost regional economic development, as a new economic growth pole business circle.

at first, the government will reform the existing large number of the blue house building, eliminating low output, heavy pollution of inefficient enterprises. Environmental barriers to entry, town will set up enterprises, unified construction of high standards of environmental protection facilities, and the industrial upgrading, agglomeration and fusion, supporting the outstanding enterprises, cultivating high quality brand, expand enterprise scale, improve the image of the industry as a whole, improve the comprehensive quality, a world famous cosmetics manufacturer brand.

and cosmetics characteristic town as the core, baiyun district will build a 'five center zone' of the cosmetics industry, to create a 'national cosmetics circulating demonstration base' as the goal, the introduction of domestic and foreign well-known cosmetics companies, cosmetics industry agglomeration. If cosmetics manufacturer characteristics for the construction of small town, from the Angle of the industrial cluster to help the cosmetics enterprise transformation, the top listed, cosmetics production enterprise itself has been seeking ways to breakthrough.

maybe in the near future, guangzhou will be more and more cosmetics OEM enterprise, but the XJ Beauty will, as always, with their own advantages, to create their own strength value!

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