Do you know how to determine a cosmetics OEM processing plant is the research and development of new products?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-15
Each brands, cosmetics and processing factories, need to have new product research and development capabilities, to cope with competition in the market. XJ Beauty because have many mature formula, already has a lot of practical cases, the security and have stable effect. And as a professional cosmetics manufacturer OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer, we not only with those of the existing formula, but the continuous development of self, to do a good job of product research and development.

then cosmetics OEM manufacturers how to do new product development? Of the process, you know?

1 before product research and development - — Analysis

products sources in addition to the Marketing Department to carry out such as consumer research and market research activities, research and development department personnel based on the opinions of the technology under the prospective study is also important, need to research and development personnel has the certain industry the sense of smell, grasp the market trend of new products.

2。 Formulation development

formula developed by the first step is to choose formula dosage form frame and skin feeling decided to raw material. Framework of raw material determines the overall structure of the product, should be considered dosage forms, exterior morphology and characteristics of products for choice. In essence, for example, should first determine the kinds of thickening agents, if choose cabo as thickener, should choose relatively long rheological property, viscosity is not very high, cabo, when the effect of product requirements is very high, you need to add a lot of active matter, also need to consider whether to wave the selected card type has better resistance to ion. Skin feeling decided to raw materials mainly include grease, wax and skin conditioner, shall be carried out according to the requirements of the product skin feeling appropriate selection and collocation.

3。 Extract

determine product frame and skin are decided after raw material, be a concept and the choice of raw materials. Concept of raw material add the purpose is to late for products in the market that very little amount, neither constitute efficacy nor constitute skin feeling, only need to ensure the security and stability of can. The real efficacy of raw materials, often have a certain amount, XJ Beauty is made of natural plant research and development of professional, efficacy component is extracted from natural plant commonly, all should not only consider when choosing to its mechanism of action, still need to pay attention to the compatibility of the system.

development formula to define the stability of the core material, the related information, can't completely depend on the suppliers should be combined with specific formula structure of basic experiment and comprehensive judgment. Commonly used way is to add efficacy material similar to the existing framework formulation, observe the stability of the raw material in first test products performance, clear scope of core function of the pH value of the raw material stability and compatibility taboo, etc.

4。 Testing and improving the

in the final formula, still need to test the physical and chemical analysis was carried out on the efficacy of ingredients, to ensure product warranty period core efficacy component content of less than 90% of the actual amount add formula. Efficacy evaluation ( 在- - - - - - Vivo human testing and the in - Vitro test) in vitro Also is indispensable, capable company can undertake internal testing, does not have relevant technology and equipment conditions of the company can with the third party inspection agencies. Efficacy test is to clear the purpose of not only effect the effect to the lowest level of raw materials and safety highest amount, also can help build product formula engineer find balance between efficacy and stability.

5。 Quality tracking service

after the above steps, formula engineer start according to the development demand of skin sense fine-tuning, this stage mainly communicate with Marketing Department, after adjusting for several times, feedback, directly or indirectly, to Marketing Department to accept and provide the related quality tracking service, to ensure that all products are the only trace code, to ensure customer rights and interests.

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