Do you know about the basic knowledge of the commonly used cosmetics container?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-21
Cosmetics bottle is the external image of all products, it has been more than a container, from essential sense, 'so-called cosmetics bottles, that is, we usually use cosmetic containers, cosmetic bottle is a can make the gas container sealed off from the outside temperature or bacteria isolated from the external container. 'A thing of beauty tends to attract people's attention, especially for cosmetic bottles, because when we saw the cosmetics is first seen its packaging and bottle, so intuitive, cosmetics containers also directly affect our first impression of cosmetics. Because a lot of times we know about cosmetics itself does not, perhaps attract us is just like the packing. Especially for female friends, even more so. So cosmetics container cost is very high. To the cosmetic container ready, after drawing out, head will be constantly running for each container factory to participate in the production of the container. Detailed division of labor to the bottle manufacturing, sprayed ( Container at the factory are usually white or transparent color, the basis of this will involve for containers sprayed. Are produced in different factory, but such meticulous division of labor does not affect the efficiency, makes the production efficiency has greatly improved, from design to produce the sample, then to mass production and just need a few days. Glass bottle for traditional packaging products. - 80% of glass packaging container 90% of glass bottles, cans. Often use a metal ion colorants manufacturing into green, dark green, shallow blue, amber glass. The bottle can strengthen the resistance of shaded light effect, highly active in the cosmetics store, such as VC, white tea, such as polyphenols have antioxidant, whitening effect of cosmetics. On the other hand, is also conducive to hush up the fact that cosmetic oxidation discoloration. In addition, the glass bottle good chemical stability, health, clean to provide good quality conditions; Good temperature resistance, high temperature sterilization, also can be stored at low temperature, it is can't be matched by the plastic. Shortage in weight is big, the high cost of transportation, processing of large energy consumption, serious pollution to the environment. Cosmetics container of plastic is the high polymer synthetic materials, permeability resistance, good sealing, high transparency; Good chemical stability, health and safety. Easy oxidation of shortcoming in plastic bottles, not conducive to long-term preservation. Generally speaking, however, the normal use of cosmetics cycle in 3 to 6 months, will not have too big effect. In addition, the plastic bottle is conducive to environmental protection, many foreign brand cosmetics all use plastic bottles, which completely agree with green environmental protection, care for the future trend of the cosmetic material use of the earth. 405. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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