Do you have correct understanding on plastic cosmetic containers packing?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-23
At home, you enter a cosmetics container manufacturer, you can see is the manufacturer of the production department and sales department is big staff is more. We take a look at the cosmetics plastic container design, is not a lot of cosmetics manufacturer, if any, with the personnel is also very few. This heavy product research and development, production and sale of heavy, light design is quite common in cosmetic plastic container manufacturing industry. This makes the domestic cosmetics container of copying model between packing factory is very outstanding, each other can only hold down prices and profits to get orders, lead to a vicious competition market phenomenon. If a cosmetics container manufacturer wants to get rid of the current mode of the live on low prices, it must attach importance to the construction of the design team, formed its own strength of cosmetic plastic container design, get rid of depending on the model to obtain the development mode. This will increase the product competitiveness of cosmetic container manufacturer. Although in the short term may need large investment, but in the long term is very worth it. In addition, from the outside, we should actively guide the relevant departments. For cosmetic plastic container packaging design contest, for example, efforts to build cosmetic plastic container packaging innovation atmosphere. Again, accelerate the construction of plastic bottle packaging design talent education system. In addition, the increase of cosmetic plastic containers of copying model behavior regulation, protection of cosmetic plastic container packaging designs should also speed up. Plastic containers in design and production process must pay attention to the following questions: blowing, extension, vertical load strength, rigid container, bearing surface, flap thread, shape and surface and forming, temperature, pressure, etc. , to ensure the mechanical properties of plastic containers, formability, the rationality of the mould structure and processing conditions of use and container. Its technological process is: mixing to screw extrusion materials, clamping to blow molding, open mold to cooling, trimming and inspection. Cosmetic plastic container's value is not we ignore. Plastic containers of cosmetics packaging cost is very low, greatly reduce the cost of the container packaging, has brought tangible benefits to consumers. Other cosmetic plastic containers extremely plasticity, can satisfy the various needs of the market. Cosmetic plastic containers and all sorts of features such as resistance at the same time, these are difficult to replace by other packing materials. For the important plastic cosmetics container recycling utilization. The PET cosmetic plastic containers recovery rate is very high, compared with the other glass bottles, carton packaging materials, are much higher. Recycling of resources in fact is an indicator of environmental protection is very important. Therefore, the plastic products hope both consumers and propaganda media for cosmetic plastic containers can have a correct understanding. 407. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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