Do the procedures and conditions required to brand

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-21
XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer brands need to provide the business license and trademark, after processing can look for professional cosmetics manufacturer OEM cosmetics manufacturer for processing, processing is completed, we will send the products to brands, so you have their own cosmetics brand and products, probably procedure is as follows: business license requirements: 1, can be a type of company business license, can also be a personal type of the business license. Two types of business license, company can be in mainland China, also can be in Hong Kong and overseas company's business license. 3, the business license must be included with the cosmetics business scope, for example: if the business license only clothing business scope, is not for cosmetics trademark registration, to carry out the relevant business. 4, if you don't have the business license, can find a local agent registered company registered in the company's business license, the cost is about 2000 yuan, you can also carry out the company's business license by registered, just need to spend a few days to deal with formalities, cost is controlled in 1000 yuan, it is about 15 working days. Cosmetic labeling requirements: trademark or brand, if you there is no brand, you must have the business license to the registered trademark, you can find local agent registered trademark trademark registered company, cost is about 1500 yuan 2000 yuan, it is about 20 working days. After a trademark, sign a contract with the processing cosmetics factory, can manufacture our own brand of cosmetics. So do a cosmetics brand only needs to deal with the company business license, a registered trademark, sign a contract with the contract formalities of the three. To remind you: must need to have the company's business license and cosmetics brand can entrust cosmetics manufacturer processing plant for processing production.
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