Do cosmetics OEM/ODM must understand these: generation of machining process

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-21
Do cosmetics OEM/ODM must understand these

to those who want to do the cosmetics generation processing

engaged in Beauty, cosmetics industry you

you would like to venture, a chain of their Beauty

you want to be a private custom-made cosmetic you

XJ Beauty

focus on cosmetics manufacturer OEM OEM generation of processing, research and development, etc.

small make up to you to introduce cosmetics generation process today:

a, about the company and brand trademark registration

first of all, you want to have their own company and business license, three categories of trademark, and cosmetics industry in to fill out a processing power of attorney, let the generation of processing enterprises for your products.

if there is no trademark can also entrust generation processing enterprises do trademark registration and apply for you. XJ Beauty, professional cosmetics OEM generation of processing, to provide you with professional 'one-stop' services, trademarks, licenses, production qualification, test reports, etc. , you don't have to worry about, single-handedly fix it for you.

two channels, product planning and promotion problem

before molding product, you want to consider the basic operation ideas of brand, and product selling point of digging and audience of digging, and your product design train of thought, such processing enterprises can truly customized products for you.

XJ Beauty professional cosmetics private custom service, considerate, careful and efficient. Do you the most reliable personal customization factories.

3, formulation research and select

XJ Beauty specializing in cosmetics research, cultivation, extraction, production plants, is the national rare cosmetics production and processing enterprises with their own planting base, choose 'XJ Beauty biological science and technology' for you solve the problem of generation processing, invites partners to join in cooperation.

4, packaging materials, procurement

product related raw material purchasing. widely used, resulting in security, allergic problems, there are a lot of cheap inferior cosmetics raw material, is to choose the market ensure that each batch raw material to our factory factory inspection report, choose foreign raw materials suppliers, from the source to ensure product quality.

5, indeed, production big goods

do a big goods sample, printing position, target location, problems such as shrink film way, it is best to call the cosmetics manufacturer to make a standard sample, to the customer for confirmation. So be sure.

6, for the record

in the production of large cargo made relevant for the record at the same time, the corresponding can shorten the time.

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