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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-15
Distinctive lipstick coating < p> 2019 - 05 - 06 10:02:11 < / p> lipstick like woman's clothes and bags, a woman can not make up, but can't afford not to lipstick, lipstick can carry bright color, make whole body charm. The following cosmetics manufacturer factory in wenzhou with you to understand the right way to lipstick. The entrance to the red hole, lifetime difficult pit, woman lipstick, can not only improve the lip weather-shack, still can make double lip become more sexy. But, you can really put it on? Don't want to persistent rub off? Want to apply a perfect lip? Below small make up to teach you how to put on lipstick! First of all, many people are wondering, why others painted lipstick so good-looking, to his lips but not ideal. Every kind of lipstick, it is because not suitable for anyone, like clothes, wear good-looking, in others to themselves is less matter. Because lipstick can draw a lot of kinds of different textures and effects, composition and concentration of different, can change the quality of a material of lipstick and durability, however, a variety of users, and differ in thousands ways of lipstick color effect. If the lips dry, and want to use lipstick, can be covered with a layer of lip is sweet to moisture. Labial ministry skin condition, for example, the effect of different effects lipstick lips dry state may be: a little dry, cracked, and even peeling. Select lipstick is a basic principle, burnish feels strong lipstick moist so more suitable for dry lips; Matte texture is more dry, so it is better to nourish lips chose to use; Dry paste made of lipstick, neither too much moist, so is suitable for most of the lips. So how to put on lipstick? 1. Use lipstick with apex of upper lip with a 'V' ( Heart) 。 2. Along the upper lip heart-shaped radian, which outline the upper lip edge. 3. Draw the outline of lower lip edge. 4. Fill the lips with lipstick. Did you get? Believe everyone read the above content, also had a deep understanding on proper use of red, more beautiful makeup small knowledge, we can discuss together, born to delicate woman!
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