Disclosure: guangdong guangzhou real high-quality cosmetics OEM/odm processing plants have those?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16

as the domestic cosmetics sales market expanding, cosmetics OEM processing plant more and more, really high quality cosmetics OEM processing plants are very few, are the high quality cosmetics factory in guangdong guangzhou? XJ Beauty really high quality cosmetics OEM manufacturers, 24 years of processing experience in cosmetics, you're worth it!

high quality cosmetics OEM/odm processing factory advantage is what?

the first point, the enterprise strength: XJ Beauty is a set research and development, production, sales and so on in the integration of high-tech enterprises, the company has the purification level of purification workshop and standard laboratory, in strict accordance with national standards to research and development production of cosmetics.

the second point, the production strength, the company has high standards of hard conditions, international advanced production technology, the contactless aseptic operation, production lines can satisfy different requirements of production, has a high capacity!

the third point, research and development strength, with cutting-edge information, strong production team, advanced production technology, dedicated to customers leading the international fashion trend of cosmetic products!

choice and XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM/odm OEM companies, can bring you:

1. Assist clients in market analysis, product planning and provide packaging design consulting

2. Provide raw materials, formulation, packaging, manufacturing technology consulting

3. Responsible for semi-finished products inspection package test

4. Undertake semi-finished products OEM, undertake ODM processing

5. Provide warehousing, freight management services

6. Provide quality inspection, all relatived inspections the service

7. Provide business license, registered trademark agents

8. Provides information items management center issued by the China barcode declaration services

looking for guangdong guangzhou high-quality cosmetics OEM/odm cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer, XJ Beauty is your choice, 24 old factory, is worth looking forward to!

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XJ BEAUTY US CORPORATE OFFICES endeavors to be valued as an industry leader in client satisfaction, sales growth, product performance, financial strength and profitability.
XJ BEAUTY US CORPORATE OFFICES might focus its marketing efforts by highlighting its end product—improved technology and increased profits—not its producing methods.
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