Discharge makeup oil usage

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-03
Tired a day, go home the first thing to do is certainly discharge makeup, so most people will use discharge makeup oil to discharge makeup, so don't know fairies in use discharge makeup oil will worry use discharge makeup oil can cause harm to the skin for a long time, today we are processing professional cosmetics manufacturer manufacturers are to say to you: actually use discharge makeup oil every day there is no harm, those who use after discharge makeup oil, silent, blain blain and pore bulky problems because of no will discharge makeup oil emulsion, or not completely clean, so must make full use discharge makeup oil sometimes emulsion, must to clean skin after use. Discharge makeup oil is can use everyday, if it is like the fairy paint thick makeup, must discharge makeup oil discharge makeup is commonly used, such ability can be colour makeup is tasted the discharge clean thoroughly, so there will not result in residual cosmetics manufacturer on the skin, leading to clogged pores, the formation of acne. In addition, here we are professional cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer to XJ Beauty again to say to you discharge makeup oil using steps: 1: press the right amount of discharge makeup oil, using not too province, otherwise easy to clogged pores by cleaning not clean, cause the formation of acne. 2: dry hand dry face massage for 1 minute, must let makeup and discharge makeup oil is fully mix, and then massage whole face carefully, pay attention to the nose mouth, such as small parts. 3: apply adequate amount of water, his hands emulsion after discharge makeup oil massage and a half minutes, with looped massage, the movement wants gently, so as not to damage the skin. 4: with plenty of water is rinsed clean, must be the warm water wash, because use cold water to shrink pores, lead to dirt residues in the pores.
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