Different skin types need different skin care method

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-17
Neutral or mixed skin: neutral skin compared with the outermost layer of skin, mixed skin sister or dry skin, not so bad, but may also be because of work and rest not normal, stress or environmental factors such as air pollution cause sensitive conditions. This time will check your ready to accuse oil and moisturizing. Tips: 1 first cleaning is very important, this time to pay attention to choose suitable for normal or combination skin mild type products. Neutral with mixed sex skin, don't need too much do cutin clean, often just be discharge makeup, wash your face clean action, such as and follow-up maintenance, skin don't usually have a big problem. Tips 2: maintenance, choose the model make up water, and then T areas, avoid excessive oil secretion, causing loss of equilibrium problems. Tips 3: two buccal strengthen moist maintenance. With moisturizing emulsion strengthen moist, let skin drink enough water. ( Note that apply to the face after, to gently and gently massage to promote absorption is OK. ) Oily skin: no outermost layer of skin girl does not understand the pain of the outermost layer of skin, face feeling is all about taking on oil, oil absorption with a stick couldn't take off, what need to do to the outermost layer of skin girl summer skin problems can be resolved. Tips: 1 is also good to choose suitable for oily skin cleaning products, since he is oily skin, also don't choose their suitable products, this is not 'do'? Oily skin can need to choose adsorption with balance grease, or accuse oil moisturizing products, can improve oily skin. Tips 2: in addition to basic cleaning to do well, also want to do deep cleaning, soften horniness, suggest to do 1 - a week Two of the cuticle clean. Tips 3: after cleaning can be wet apply toner to a cotton pad on 10 minutes, strengthen filling water, in addition to strengthen the contraction pore, and lock water, try to keep the water oil balance of skin can reduce the occurrence of skin problems. Dry skin, dry skin, compared to other types of skin, less water, dry; Pore less, less oil secretion, and let not long blain, but easy to have fine dry lines of these problems. Tips 1: to distinguish the dry skin water shortage or lack of oil, dry skin, and then according to their own situation, the key is in the filling water or add grease. Selection of products is also must pay attention to the suitable skin type, suggest use emulsion, or is the essence of the composition such as protein hydrolysate and strong moisture added grease. Tips 2: to apply essence, dry skin sister can pour essence onto cosmetic cotton, shi fu is about 10 minutes, plus some massage, make better absorb moisture essence, more water tender face naturally. Tips 3: moisturizing mask, hydrating mask can have 2 times a week or so, and remember to choose nourishing facial mask, to get to moisture, prevent the effect of relaxation. You must remember to do maintenance according to your skin type, especially when choosing products is also suitable for your skin, otherwise can not equal white do, may also make your skin condition worse, so sister remember what your skin type.
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