Different age broken skin care?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
Different age, skin type will be different, so people's top priority in the skin care level also has certain change, can get better skin care effects. Here, the nets made up for everyone to introduce different ages of skin care, looking forward to everyone no matter how many years old, is full of skin bang-bang dalai exquisite beauty. Priority of 20 ~ 27 skin care: cleaning a pox-eliminated ms from twenty years old and just started to need to pay attention to skin care problems, but before 25, the skin's own standards most is very good, if you pay attention to my usual habits, keep clean, prevent acne, apply moisturizing moisturizing skin care products at ordinary times, keep skin constantly maintain jade-like stone embellish is ok. Removing and 25 ~ 30 most important skin care: anti-wrinkle very pay attention to prevent exposure to the ages, avoid damage to outsiders, preventing chloasma and creases. Skin care products suitable for with no side effects, essence can delay the application to avoid mature skin, and water content of chemicals, oil moisturizing cream, moisturizing moisturize nourish moisturize mask or moisturizing cream, moisturizing hydrating cream and day cream, can maintain the skin's flexibility and ductility, avoid plant oil gland metabolism reducing subcutaneous tissue, cause skin texture, skin coarse. Nursing priority: 30 ~ 40 years old of skin moisturizing hydrating anti-aging skin moisturizing effect is reduced, the ages is very easy to dry, then make the skin without luster and very easy to fold, so appropriate USES a moisturizing moisturizing, anti-aging effect of goods, moisturizing moisturizing anti-wrinkle essence and moisturizing essence class hydrating mask is able to maintain the original skin deformation and moisture, reduce wrinkles, apply eye essence can help reduce remove eye bag, black rim of the eye pouch and canthus wrinkles, natural to ensure enough sleep is also a key ring. Top 40 ~ 50 years old, skin care: the metabolism of reengineering the age very easily due to endocrine disorder skin do facial skin is flabby, except according to oral some fill gas blood ingredients to regulate endocrine, also can according to the outside world skin care methods arouse skin basal metabolism, such as whey lotion, moisturizing cream containing vitamin E, fruit acid to protect skin to taste, tape, etc. , can be reasonable to eliminate skin cells have died, promote the growth and development of new cells, and contains vitamin D and its acidity of moisturizing products, anti-wrinkle, hydrating, reengineering hydrating mask and cream, and it is reasonable to improve skin situation, slow the recession of the skin. Of most important skin care: after the age of fifty nutritional supplements after fifty years old, skin collagen fiber and protein are very easy to drain, ductility, in turn, make the skin loss of ductility, this is where the particularly emphasis on the skin nutrition supplement, inside and outside the nutrients must be followed. Goods used anti-wrinkle, ageing resistance, moderate do the collagen powder hydrating mask, has a standard to do beauty salon series products of professional medical technology. In addition, also should be careful to solve calluses, keep in mind that cannot be applied with a matte grinding liquid goods, fill water, be careful for somatic cell.
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