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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-09
The development direction of imported cosmetics in 2019 2019 is a year of sustainable development of China's economy and a year for many industries to recover. In the past two years, affected by the adjustment of financial policies, the entire market economy has been affected by large and small shocks, resulting in a general phenomenon of economic depression and bad business. However, the strict adjustment of import and export policies and local protection measures in many places make imported products face serious impacts. Most imported brands have inventory pressure, price changes, and emotional marketing resistance. In 2019, the development direction of imported cosmetics and skin care products will break through this dilemma. There are three main reasons: first, the rapid development of China's economy has brought about a rapid rise in prices, the phenomenon that money is worthless. But at the same time, the fashion awareness, brand awareness and beauty awareness of the majority of consumer women are continuously improving. Women account for the main part of consumers, and the proportion of female consumers in the family's annual consumption has increased from 53. 29% is expected to rise to 67% in 2019. The consumer goods of women, children and the elderly will only increase and will not decrease. They are also the main force of domestic consumption, and even some words are often popular in the circle of friends: 'I am not happy to go to consumption' 'Beauty, dress is a woman's nature' Second, the optimization of China's import and export policy is a strong promotion of imported brands, following up on a number of policies of the State Council to reduce the burden on import and export enterprises and maintain the implementation of sustained growth in foreign trade, the State Council once again showed favorable measures for foreign trade in October 8. This time, the deployment focus was on improving the export tax rebate policy and accelerating the tax refund progress. The executive meeting of the State Council decided to raise the current export tax rebate rate of 15% and part of 13% to 16% from November 1, 2018 in accordance with the principle of structural adjustment and with reference to international common practices; 9% to 10, of which part to 13%; 5% to 6, part to 10%. The export tax rebate rate for products with high energy consumption, high pollution, resource products and the task of removing production capacity will remain unchanged. Further simplify the tax system, and reduce the tax rebate rate from the original seven to five. Third, the rapid development of the network is a powerful tool for skin care products and cosmetics to expand the market. Due to the borderless, geographical and time constraints of the network, it can convey the best products to consumers' eyes most quickly. The rise of the new retail platform and the rapid fission of the sharing mode are the bright swords for imported products to quickly occupy market share. The development of the network is biased towards the mobile terminal. The medium of the mobile terminal is the mobile phone. When only catching the eyes of consumers, it must bring unexpected results. Even hit by this wave of Internet tide, Li Ka-shing predicted: sharing economic thinking of making money (Easy to understand)If you can't catch it, you will lose your job! Ma Yun said: Sharing the economy is the idea of making money! Don't say I didn't tell you! Runde magnesium international Yang Haizhi, Yang Haijun and Yate Snow's various products make the public constantly tired of aesthetics and make more and more choices. Skin care products (Cosmetics) The number of products is even more numerous, and imported products have always been preferred to domestic quality in the eyes of the public. This is the resonance after most women consume. Estee Lauder, Lancome, Chanel, Astra snow (ATACHE) These high-end well-known imported skin care products are the most popular brands for women in China. Female friends around me joked: 'If you don't even know these brands, they are not a complete woman. ' Every product has a reason to exist in the market, and every product also has its unique charm. Market competition is fierce day by day, and enterprises must understand the market situation of the entire Chinese market when operating imported products. Consumers also need to choose safe and secure products when choosing products. China's import and export market in 2019 will become bigger and better. Source: beauty headline
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