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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16
More knowledge about cosmetic line, the so-called dilettante watch the scene of bustle, adept guard the entrance. Then choose cosmetics co-packer to note that a few questions? A XJ and complete qualification certificate is the primary standard guangzhou Beauty cosmetics co-packer has two certificates and cosmetics production permit and business license, and the provisions of the state of pollution, more standard factory building certification and quality standard system certification. Second, laboratory, research and development team is the guarantee of product quality in guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics co-packer own powerful laboratory research and development team, the guangdong pharmaceutical university and guangzhou university of Chinese medicine doctoral level as the main research and development team. Three, laboratory equipment, advanced production equipment power product smoothly processing guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer co-packer has a variety of laboratory equipment and advanced production equipment. Including high performance liquid chromatograph, multi-effect cosmetics function tester, the plant extraction equipment, automated information emulsification workshop, intelligent automatic filling workshop, fully automatic face filling machine and so on. Four, accord with a standard production workshop XJ is conducive to the smooth production guangzhou Beauty cosmetics production workshop is passed the co-packer GMPC (level 100000 Cosmetic good manufacturing practices), the highest standard And ISO22716 ( The latest cosmetic good manufacturing practices) The eu's dual certification. Five, provide one-stop service, effort and worry guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer co-packer provide design planning, products for the record, and research and development, procurement, production, delivery, such as one-stop service, after-sale service, product appear any problems, manufacturers can solve, don't leave any trouble to the customer. For a long time, the domestic cosmetics manufacturer have been squeezed by foreign brands. Chinese beauty makeup market share accounted for the small, and the foreign goods is dominance. XJ Beauty of strength not say in detail one by one, the agency had a lot of big brands, so the quality and quality are all accepted.
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