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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-04
1, prevent bask in segregation cosmetics design of cosmetics formula design, the first is the scientific study of solution problem. Prevent bask in segregation cosmetics development design, for example, to be the first solution to carry out, such as sunscreen, sunscreen and prevent bask in segregation after suspected glue on the solution to clear, also want to clear the cultivation matrix many sided, in clear cream solution for prevent bask in segregation product, according to the standard of raw material and raw material oil phase and water phase demulsifier selection. For example: in the resistance of sunscreen water-soluble request, also attaches great importance to the cultivation of the oil phase in the matrix materials hydrophobic problems. In good design various solution, cultivation matrix and preservatives, it certainly has entered the phase of design scheme of production process. do not have chemical change effect, when conducting configuration, its processing technology from multifarious, but also has a lot of thickening of the standard and work experience, such as the standard of the emulsion and solvent polarity standards of the miscibility and plasticity of organic chemistry. For raw materials with melting is mainly affected by adding temperature and mixing speed and time damage subjected to commodities comprehensive quality, so the production process in the process of cosmetics has the effect of nots allow to ignore. The key to prevent bask in segregation product preservative is sunscreen isolation agent, the kinds of sunscreen isolation agent have diversity, according to all kinds of high and new science and technology of the super fine powder producing by polyethylene wax, refractive index, high transmission to uv light work ability have a certain isolation effect, because it itself has the characteristics of the transmission of light, make the skin not white, so it is not easy to block the pores of the skin of skin, the key is because of its unique rods or smectic crystal structure, so very fine polyethylene wax key senior to prevent bask in segregation cosmetics manufacturer sunscreen isolation agent. In addition, also want to choose a suitable acids prevent bask in segregation agent, the key to using the composition of UVB and UVA stock band, the ingredients with digestion, absorption, good features, make the compound sunscreen isolation agent, according to the research and development staff to carry out the selection again. 2, secret recipe of whitening cosmetics manufacturer to carry out the design scheme, mainly on the effect of whitening skin and the actual effect of various scientific research, make it do national specifications and requirements of cosmetics, and is not the same as test parameter values and rules. This must be the recipe for the application of raw material type and configuration problems for further research and its effect on its rationality and composition selection, if only for a single whitening skin specificity of various selected, will be prompted to Huang Meibai is not very significant, only for a variety of ingredients of thickening can improve its efficacy. 3, the recipe design of whitening cosmetics manufacturer whitening cosmetics is mainly do removing and whitening effect, raw materials to ensure the action of the whitening skin effectively thickening, the emulsion management system to carry out the pick, selected the required additional raw materials to carry out. 4, whitening skin versatility raw material selection can be used to removing and whitening of key raw materials include physics class, the key is in the pure plant extract some chemicals, etc. We adopted by the skin whitening agent mainly cover agent physics, physics contains compounds, also contains titanium dioxide then there is the active zinc oxide, etc. That used to whiten the skin always cause the surface of white, is false, this kind of chemical will continue to make wool bursa jams, cause skin glands, etc, appear all sorts of skin diseases and so on, make some acne inflammation and silence, etc. According to these organic chemicals and pure plant extract key used to whiten the skin, key contains a variety of kojic acid and compound itself, ministries also contains vitamin C and compound, moreover also has the coix seed kernel, lu hui and selfheal extract, etc. In most of the components should also be based on its advantages and defects to choose an effective, also want to follow in the application process of scientific research and supplement to choose.
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