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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-30
Cosmetics processing fine work briefly describes how to correctly use plain yan cream < p> cosmetics processing - 2018 08 - 22 18:10:37 < / p> simple without makeup frost is have effect of whitening and moisturizing creams, can let the girl easily whiten, some without makeup cream use feeling is frivolous nature, and block defect with good effect, so without makeup cream is the best product. Without makeup frost is a whitening artifact, it can make the girl rapid whitening, so under a lot of girls like! Among so many girls, of course, there are some girls don't know the correct use of facial cream, cosmetics processing to teach you how to correctly use facial cream. Finish after basic skin care, will be without makeup cream evenly on face, but also pay attention to daub the forehead, nose, chin, cheeks. Frost is plain yan can also do the breast before makeup, because without makeup frost moist degree to be higher than normal to protect skin to taste, with BB cream and CC cream to use will increase the joint of bottom makeup and exquisite degrees, use makeup look more natural lifted. Use plain yan after the frost is need discharge makeup, it is recommended to use special makeup products according to the steps to discharge makeup, but also to discharge makeup clean thoroughly. As you all know, should be clean before do skin care, cleaning not clean will influence the effect of skin care, so want to choose the suitable skin cleaning products. Wash a face with warm water first, and then pour the cleanser in your hand, will cleanser foams, then daub on face, hands on the face and gently massage more than ten seconds, and then rinse bubble. Had better use cold water after pat face, promote the pores.
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