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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
factories jia briefly magnet mask effect < p> 2018 - cosmetics manufacturer factory 10 - 26 09:28:24 mask is to mask the magnets < / p> adsorption pores in the trash, and then use a magnet stick to mask and garbage, it said. Clean face film is commonly adopt the way of tearing or forcibly cleaning to clean the skin, but the emergence of magnet mask make consumers feel very novel, but a magnet mask is really effective, garbage can deeply clean pore, oil control acne, etc. The hot seller in magnet mask is the magnet mask cosmetics factory in wenzhou. The magnet mask known as scavenger of skin, can probe into the bottom of the muscle, purify pores, remove comedones, etc. , and relieve skin, improve skin protection. Natural dandelion extract, the contraction pore, cosmetics factory in wenzhou magnet film of face of contractive pore effect of high praise. The magnet bar magnet effect is very strong, a magnet mask contains iron powder composition, mixed, friction and facial grease and garbage and the mask has been mixed, magnet stick face 2 - distance The location of the 5 mm dangling looped, gently a suction can absorb the clean the face, very convenient, and the skin will be white the once.
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