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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-27
Data: Daily average search volume of men's cosmetics increased by 169% year on year Abstract: This year 1- In July, the average daily search volume of men's cosmetics on the platform increased by 169%year-on-year, of which after 95, 32. The proportion of 4% has become the largest consumer group of male beauty makeup. Men are already a force that cannot be ignored in the beauty market. Recently, the online shopping guide platform rebate network recently released data showing that this year 1- In July, the average daily search volume of men's cosmetics on the platform increased by 169%year-on-year, of which after 95, 32. The proportion of 4% has become the largest consumer group of male beauty makeup. The emergence of a new generation of male idols, the changes of society's aesthetic attitudes and standards towards men, as well as the influence of online variety shows and social media, the traditional consumer demand based on the definition of gender labels is changing, the new male consumption growth point is also becoming more and more eye-catching, and the male clothing and beauty market continues to rise. Men's make-up is no longer a new thing, while young men's make-up tends to be normal, showing a trend of 'The younger the more exquisite' as a whole. According to the data of rebate network, post-90 s and post-95 s men have become the most important groups for men's makeup consumption. Among them, post-95 s delicate Boy has occupied an unshakable position in the male makeup market with strong consumption power, with a consumption share of 32. 4%, followed by 25 of post-90s men. 8% and 21 after 00. 49%. According to the data of rebate network, male beauty consumption has maintained a high growth rate for two consecutive years. The volume of male beauty in 2018 increased by 136%, and in 2019- In July, the volume of male beauty makeup increased by 140 year on year. 36%. Among them, BB/CC Cream, lipstick and eyebrow pencil became the top three most popular male makeup, 2019- Of all the cosmetics purchased by men in July, 33 were purchased by men for BB or CC cream. 4%, up 77. 5% from the same period in 2018. 8%, while the sales volume of male eyebrow pencil accounted for 46. 7%, an increase of 56. 55%. In addition, men's eyeliner has become the fastest growing item, up 168 year on year. 56%. Since 2015, the essence of men's skin care products has increased by more than 100%, and has maintained an annual growth of more than 50%, higher than the overall growth of skin care products, starting from 2017, the increase of men's consumption in the elite category and the per capita consumption began to exceed that of women. This is related to the consumption characteristics of men's preference for big names and low promotion sensitivity. At the same time, it also shows that men's skin care is beyond the simple stage of cleansing and moisturizing, and they begin to explore deep skin care. In addition, rebate network data also show that male consumers are beginning to pay more and more attention to details. In the past, male skin care products mostly stayed at the level of oil control, acne removal and refreshing, while this year 1- In July, men's attention to blackheads increased by 52%, and their attention to whitening and blemish cream increased by 46%. In the field of male fashion consumption, hanfu has become another unpopular growth point besides male beauty. 2019 1- In July, the consumption of platform Hanfu increased by 196 year on year. After 2%, 95 became the main force of men's Hanfu consumption, accounting for more than half, of which men accounted for 39. 71%; Among the cities that buy most men's Hanfu, Chengdu ranks first, becoming a real Hanfu city, followed by Xi 'an and Nanjing respectively. According to industry statistics, by the end of 2018, the number of consumers in China's Hanfu market had exceeded 200, with annual sales exceeding 1 billion yuan. The number of buyers of hanfu in 2018 increased 92% year on year. 'The traditional impression of the bottom of male consumption market value is being broken,' an insider pointed out, 'finding and grasping the growth point of male consumption will become the next consumption outlet, especially the young male customers, it has shown a strong desire for consumption and a more segmented category demand, and grasping them will become an important breakthrough in brand development. 'Source: Beijing business daily online beauty headline
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