Daily method of dispel whelk

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24
I believe that everyone has heard of or seen many secret recipe on dispel whelk, some of these remedies to use, but also some very shocking. So we've prepared some simple daily cosmetics manufacturer factory method. If you are long blain on the face of puberty, boys and girls, if you still worry about how to remove acne and then learn the following small methods, most convenient and fast dispel blain, make a healthy, skin ok little beauty or a handsome boy. A face is the first step on the skin, but sooner or later, twice a day or sweaty, dirty wash again is enough. If excessive cleaning, protecting oil on the skin will be completely washed, cause skin is too dry, have a lot of damage to the skin, may be infected with bacteria, must pay attention to. Two eat more natural food contains no artificial additives, plant fiber of fruits and vegetables and yogurt; Eat more vegetables, because to eat carrots, spinach, green peppers, cauliflower can enhance resistance to bacteria, such as a balanced diet is also very important, of course. 3 don't can't help with the hand to touch your face. This tends to cause bacteria skin on the face grow, causing acne. The impurity of the hair is sometimes easier to stimulate facial skin, grow annoying blain blain four no matter how busy, please go to bed at 11 o 'clock at the latest. The metabolism of skin usually carried out by 11 p. m. until midnight at 2 o 'clock, time to adjust your biological clock, you don't have acne self-pity five moderate exercise can promote metabolism, and the skin has good effect to the body, 3 minutes a day of gymnastics, is to keep the absolute secret of beautiful skin! Six mental pressure will cause the sebum secretion, also is the cause of acne, to be in a good mood will let blain blain away from seven have a sweet tooth and can't self-control is an important factor in causing acne. Sugar cake and more carbohydrate snacks are most likely to cause acne. In addition, peanuts and other nuts, also should eat less as far as possible. Boys and girls wanting the best for the food away. Eight fast food, snacks and other junk food, easy to cause constipation; Love to eat snack not only bad for the stomach, and can cause constipation, would lead to acne. Nine quilt, bed sheet, pillow, should always keep clean facecloth, etc. Sun exposure is one of the best disinfection, ultraviolet ray has the effect of killing bacteria. Ten using the prevent ultraviolet UV sunscreen powdery bottom, and remember before sleeping, be sure to completely discharge makeup, or grease will plug the pores, grow whelk, nor hastily wash face with water only in the morning, of course also can reasonably chamfer, for skin massage massage
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