Cucumber slices apply face not hydrating mask too long can make the skin cannot breathe

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
Are you still use cucumber directly apply face to achieve the effect of filling water? Experts say just cut fresh cucumbers can easy to cause the skin more on instead. In summer the weather is dry up, love a person can't wait to give skin filling water, whereas some mistake will make hydrating effect is opposite, to summarize several common hydrating myth. Myth: apply jelly mask while taking a bath. Fill the ingredients in the steam bath will make face film is absorbed quickly. But when to take a bath, don't recommend using jelly, stripping moisturizing mask, because they will not let the moisture absorbed by skin, can make skin drier instead. Suggested that the shower use cream mask. Myth 2: cucumber slices apply face. Cucumber contains a large number of moisture, is considered by many to be filling water, but with its apply face directly is not an option. Just cut off the surface of the cucumber slices will generate a dew of viscous material, can cause the skin tight, make the skin more dry wrinkles. The right thing to do is to use cucumber juice apply: before going to bed take fresh cucumber juice milk and honey to make, apply face rinse off after 20 minutes or so. Myth 3: protect skin to taste the fridge. For moisture at the same time give skin more cool and refreshing feeling, many people will put the skin care products in the fridge. Protect skin to taste the best preservation temperature at 5 ℃ - Between 25 ℃. But if still stored in room temperature after cold, hot and cold exchange produces the phenomenon of the esterification, hydrating effect. Myth 4: mask too long. Many people apply moisturizing mask, half an hour to wash out, afraid to waste nutrients. Apply, however, time is too long, the skin cannot absorb the nutrients in the mask, not only can make face film evaporation on the nutrients, instead take away the original skin moisture. Apply hydrating mask should comply with products recommend the use of time, usually with 10 - After 15 minutes advisable, apply cream lock water immediately. Cream mask painted too long also can make the skin on the face can't breathe, cause long blain blain.
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