Creates the brand cosmetics 'five precepts'

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-23
A brand's development has its inherent laws, needs a process of interaction between various factors. In the process of a brand is usually easy to neglect some problems, some low-level mistakes. XJ Beauty as a n experienced person will note is summarized as five precepts, hope to share with the masses of the personage inside course of study. A commandment 'assume' everything has two sides. Because long roots in the foundry field, insufficient attention to the domestic market, and the main operating mainly in order to obtain and production management, to understand the brand construction. Enterprise if mentality and ideas don't change, often error estimate their abilities and resources, to face difficulties. Two commandments 'eye is too high' attaches great importance to the upstream suppliers, big customers, has a tin ear for the market a line of consumer opinion; For its inherent product and production capacity to see very seriously, but has few attention of dynamic change of competitive situation. Add staff habitual bidding, the whole team and business behavior would be in out of the vanity of the market situation. Three commandments 'hand is too loose,' some bosses think for the elite to build play space, like to do the shopkeeper of cutting, but most of the time, the success of brand management, is the boss personal involvement, rapid decision-making and heading to enterprise grasps is good. Four commandments 'too hard' brand in some ways, are 'empty', consumers to buy is a way of life, or passion. So foundry business owners need to jump out practical production product model from the past, learn to mix, create a virtual and powerful emotional atmosphere, for your product or service. The five commandments is 'sex' brand development has its inherent laws, needs a process of interaction between various factors. Too eager to succeed, it will only cause spend disorganised, action is not coherent. All rights reserved: http://www. gdoqsh。 com/ ( Guangdong XJ Beauty technology co. , LTD. ) Reprint please indicate the
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