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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-04
Cosmetics warning information system will be built in China < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:09 < / p> source: the north network nowadays, cosmetics market turmoil, SK - Ⅱ events haven't quell, yesterday reporter learns and flavors from China cosmetic industry association, the 24th of this month, the FDA ( The U. S. food and drug administration) Requirements within the territory of the United States cosmetics manufacturers in the product packaging should be marked as 'warning - — — This product without the safety appraisal ', otherwise it will have to investigate and punish. The nine major brands are respectively by the FDA warning, l 'oreal, Elizabeth arden, nivea, maybelline, dove, unilever, procter & gamble, st eve, jurgen. Maybelline and so on nine big brands have been warning, the FDA requirements, cosmetic enterprises must take its indicated on the packing of the products sold in the United States: 'warning - — — The safety appraisal of the product without the words '. At present, the major cosmetics companies such as l 'oreal, unilever and procter and gamble has received the notification. It is understood that in 2004 'environmental problem report' for 7500 kinds of personal care products in the United States, found containing 990 raw ingredients without public safety testing. Research products of l 'oreal, maybelline, nivea and other famous brands, of which 300 products contained carcinogens, 700 products containing harmful substances. It is understood that the cosmetics brand is basic in the Chinese market sales. Domestic will develop safety warning information according to the national agency concerns chief introduction, our country for all imported cosmetics shall practise a system of strict examination and approval and for the record, all cosmetics must meet the cosmetics health standards can be listed in our country. If it is a formal way to import cosmetics, general won't problems in this area. Spices flavor cosmetics industry association, head of China believes that the current domestic not safety warning information to make rigid requirements for cosmetics. At present domestic is access supervision of the implementation of the cosmetics industry: implementing the management of production license for all cosmetics enterprise; The production of special use cosmetics and hygiene license management. But the FDA warning for unilever, procter & gamble and other products has caused the attention of the relevant departments, the relevant departments in our country is drafting cosmetics new labels national standards to replace the consumer standard/cosmetics common tag, the examination and approval of the draft standard has been completed, is to the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, examination and approval of national standard committee and other relevant departments. It is reported, are under approval of cosmetics label new national standards will further standardize the label content, especially the safety warning information. It is understood that in the UK and other European countries, the law requires the cosmetics must undergo safety inspection; Our country related component testing and tagging rules on cosmetics are not implemented. Enterprise voice unilever marcom manager Wu Liang: the company has the specialized management institutions in many countries, the Chinese company inconvenience to the United States also faced the storm do any statement. L 'oreal LanZhenZhen pr director: l 'oreal companies to enter the Chinese market after the ministry of health and the national pledges inspect bureau strict inspection and quarantine, for the products without any problems. Nivea pr agent Tian Zhe: haven't seen the reports, to know the matter after after communication with nivea company, to give comments. Hot playback Johnson &johnson baby products event on the 17th of this month, the Indian state of maharashtra, the food and drug administration announced in the part of Johnson &johnson products found in liquid paraffin oil is harmful to the baby of the mineral and chemical composition, and demanded that the company cancel a part of the 'baby use' logo on the product. The incident caused wide attention in domestic, reporting findings in 23 at the national institutes of health say, there is no scientific evidence that liquid paraffin cancer. SK— Ⅱ events in jiangxi province, a woman has sued well-known brands SK - Ⅱ. Japanese the marked products, components of the brand products, including sodium hydroxide, ptfe, benzoic acid, sodium chemical components, such as sodium hydroxide has strong corrosive, and ptfe is used in the manufacture of rice cooker nonstick common chemical material, but the product description in Chinese did not indicate the presence of these elements.
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