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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-24
The food and drug cosmetics should show commodity barcodes < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:33 < / p> < p> a few days ago, the provincial government promulgation and the implementation of the five years of 'zhejiang commodity bar code management measures for the revised. The revised 'method' specific provision, in food, cosmetics, medicines and other three kinds of product identification must be marked in the commodity bar code. < / P> < P> in the revision of the 'method', defined the governments at or above the county level should strengthen the propaganda and popularization of commodity barcodes, encourage the use of commodity barcodes, establish and implement effective product tracking and tracing system. < / P> < P> as we have learned, at present a total of more than 10000 enterprises in our province registered using qr, accounts for only 1/10 of the province related products manufacturing enterprises, and these enterprises are mainly food, consumer goods and other enterprise is directly related to the residents' consumption. Commodity bar code applications mainly for commodity sale and settlement of large department stores, supermarkets, applications in areas such as logistics, e-commerce is still in its infancy. < / P> < P> according to concerning personage introduction, although commodity barcodes only 13 digits, but contains the relevant information of the enterprise, the consumer once found the products have quality problems, can be traced back to quickly production enterprise. < / P> < P> food, medicine, household appliances and other products, directly involved in the health and property safety. We have learned, in force the use of a commodity bar code of these products is very popular in international system. In the revised rules must be in the product identification mark of commodity barcodes have three kinds of products: food, cigarettes, wine, beverage, health care products; Cosmetics, daily chemical, children's toys, household appliances; Medicines, medical apparatus and instruments. < / P> < P> the revised 'method' for the product use commodity bar code set up 'time' : in the end of 2008, enterprises should mark on the product shell packaging commodity bar code, the main products is food, cigarettes, wine, beverage, health care products; Cosmetics, daily chemical, children's toys and household appliances; And in the end of 2009, drugs, medical devices are marked commodity bar code in the product label. A lot of people daily to the supermarket, if I buy some bulk commodities, such as fish, vegetables, cookies, etc. , will find that the price labels tend to have similar goods on the barcode bar code. Concerned personage introduction, this is often referred to as 'shop named', between the shop and the shop can't general. < / P> < P> in the practice of the business, this can't general store named 'miraculous', supermarkets tend to charge the supplier information disposal. The revised 'method' regulation: distribution enterprises can only to need to processing, packing, or use 'store named' irregular packaging of goods, in addition, marketing firms cannot be in the name of the commodity bar code charge fees from the supply side; If sales of commodities has marked the barcode, selling enterprise shall directly USES the commodity bar code, shall not be used again, named 'shop' and take this charge. < / P>
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