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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
series new rules introduced the fastest at the end of the banned substances increased to 1200 < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:03 < / p> 'full effect' and 'bacteriostatic' will be taboo language times dispatch ( Reporter Deng Xueling) Yesterday, in the food and drug administration of guangdong province and guangdong province Japan chamber of commerce jointly organized the 'guangdong cosmetic brands roundtable conference', concerned expert, according to a new version of the cosmetics of the health law is expected to formally announced the end of this month, the new standard for cosmetics of banned substances had more strict requirements; At the same time, 'cosmetics label management norms' as at the end of this month for advice; Other production hygiene regulations also in for advice. Industry analysis, SK - Ⅱ events such as let the consumer and the relevant departments pay more attention to the safety of cosmetics, and these are brewing or upcoming standards, rules and regulations will be more strict with the safety of cosmetics, the industry will have a positive impact. Banned substances species increased nearly three times at the meeting, the ministry of health health standards committee hygienic standards committee QiuBingYi cosmetics, at present the country a series of new rules on cosmetics are brewing, some of the rules will have an impact to the enterprise, the enterprise should master these new regulations information in time. According to relevant personage, a new version of the cosmetics of the health law in April 21, began to comment on the net, at present has been basically finalized, will be officially unveiled at the end of this, but specific time is to be issued by the ministry of health. According to introducing, the new 'cosmetics health standard' refer to the European Union and other relevant specifications, structure change is not big, but more fine and more strict. One of the most obvious performance is on the provisions of the banned substances, in the 2002 edition rules of banned chemicals has 412 kinds of cosmetics, the 2006 edition of the banned chemicals will increase to more than 1200 kinds, including chloroacetaldehyde, chlorinated methane, benzotrichloride and so on. In addition, the new specification also added 'sunscreen PFA experiment and waterproof anti-perspiration experiment', and to modify the old experiments have done, such as patch experiment, human trial, etc. Have a lot of cosmetics production enterprises, said countries to standardize market, help to promote the development of the industry. Guangdong collecting them cosmetics co. , LTD. , chairman Lin town, points out that only cosmetics is a relatively long-term use and daily use products, strengthen the new cosmetics banned substances regulations of the state makes sense; These new require companies to pay more attention to its purity when choosing and using raw materials, but for a certain scale of production enterprises, it will eliminate a batch of unqualified of small businesses, it is good for the healthy development of the industry. The provisions of the cosmetics label more fine another popular cosmetics new regulations is the 'cosmetics label management norms', the specification is still in for advice, but as to the end of the month for stage to believe too fast. Concerned expert points out, in view of the present cosmetics exaggerated propaganda, the content of the new cosmetics label increased a lot more detail, the new rules for cosmetic effect currently on the market should be larger. It is understood that at present there are many cosmetics brands will use 'by the ministry of health ( The door) Approval of 'or' the ministry of health ( The door) Special name for advertising products, such as 'but to' cosmetics label management norms 'after the formal introduction, this name will be banned. In addition, similar to the 'efficient', 'full effect', 'destruction of melanocytes', 'free radicals', 'bacteriostatic', 'improve the endocrine' cosmetics such as commonly used words or words are included in the 'cosmetics label no tagging language'. Yesterday, the reporter cosmetics department of each big market in wenzhou patrol, found 'no words' in the new specification in selling cosmetics manufacturer label or more common, when a reporter asked whether relevant personnel know that language will not be able to use, they all said 'not clear'. An unnamed industry insiders pointed out that the new specification will demand on the market at present most of the cosmetics for label replacement, it will increase many cost, we hope that relevant departments can give companies a certain buffer. He also said that the new standards may make the cosmetics industry for a reshuffle, especially some add banned substances and has the special effect of cosmetics will exit the market, the standard will also speed up out a batch of small businesses.
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