Cosmetics sales price is high, but the domestic brands can not sell, and the price is how to return a responsibility?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-04
sales price is high, I believe that consumers already inured to the weird. Such as cost up to 1000 yuan of SK - high-end skin care products But the price of homebred brand is always difficult to buy high price!

why price so high cosmetics, a striking profit space? Actually the person all know, the one-sided emphasis on the speech cosmetics in 2% of the cost of the products, ignore the advertising, marketing, logistics, packaging, customs and other accounted for about 88% of the cost, this drew simple comparison between individual cost and price, the conclusion of untenable.

if neither profits, and why the price so high? Delve into why, reasons for the high cosmetics in China can be summed up in four o 'clock.

first, beauty makeup base huge demand, pricing the lion open mouth, the consumer was robbed of money. 'The heart of the beauty of the person all has', the human pursuit of beauty has never meet before, the National Bureau of Statistics, in recent years, with China's rapid economic growth, China's cosmetics consumption also rise rapidly. In 2013 China overtook Japan as the world's second largest cosmetics consumer.

second, impulses, since decent concept hit advertising, consumers are apportion. The current China's cosmetics market is not mature, brands to open markets is the only way to advertising spending spree. Actually brands such crazy advertising behavior is helpless, can enter the good sales channels and even can be accepted by consumers quickly all depends on the number of ads rather than the quality of the product itself.

third, excessive packaging waste the cost, consumers are epilation. The current China's cosmetics manufacturer market, accounted for only 25% of the foreign brands 75% profit divided up the domestic market, why so? Because of these foreign brands are market pricing power, distributors and retailers for tighter control prices, as soon as retailers 'default' to reduce the price will be out of the supply system. Consumer worship things, always feel than domestic circle the moon in the foreign, think of imported international brands must be better than domestic brands, in fact, with the rise of China, at present a lot of goods brand also can produce good quality products, the price is relatively affordable. In addition, many brands are competing for the market pricing power, always find a way of heavy packing light technology, cast their excessive packaging, squeezed the product research and development, materials, production and quality control, such as the proportion of budget, product ostentation, consumers be epilation.

4, increase levels of supply chain cost, consumers are bleeding. China's cosmetics market supply chain long dilemma hard, even if the brand in recent years, the rise of the vertical straight electricity, also can't really shake the high price of China's cosmetics market reality. Traditional Chinese cosmetics market costs between wholesale and retail level digestion and Maori undertakings in retail prices, consumers are forced to pay huge cost of circulation.

the Chinese cosmetics market is the most serious test: whether processing cosmetics manufacturer or the seller cannot meet the cosmetics, or is very good to satisfy the majority of consumers taste and easy consumption reality distortion field. The reality distortion field is both should have the quality of the international brands, and the populist price of domestic brands.

how to fill the cracks are 'high-quality low-priced' market? This is not only a huge business opportunities, but also a challenge. Products may be returned to the origin, the choice is a powerful cosmetics OEM generation of processing work, help brand with quality.

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